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  1. I am mostly looking for information about compatibility with C11 optical tubes.
  2. Does anyone have experience with Baader dovetail bars? Especially with BA2451745 and BA2451101?
  3. Does anyone know what counterweights are suitable to use with SkyTee 2 (for both vertical and horizontal axes)?
  4. Is anyone using a Geoptik Vixen Style Saddle Clamp with a heavy optical tube?
  5. Does anyone know if counterweights (3.5kg and 5kg) from SkyWatcher are interchangeable and can be used on EQ3/EQ5/EQ6 ?
  6. I will probably not be able to test the scope at night, but I have already inspected it during the day and it looked in very good condition. Optics were a little dusty, but I was told that they were never touched. I have not tested the electronics, but I think that even if they are not working, I could de-fork the optical tube and use it on a GEM. Don't you think that £1200 is too much for a scope of this age even if in perfect condition?
  7. I will probably be able to test the scope only briefly, but even if electronics are not working or if they fail at a later time, should I consider this as an opportunity for a good price? Any more ideas about what this price might be?
  8. What is a reasonable price for a used Celestron Ultima 11 SCT made in the middle 90s in good cosmetic condition with its original wedge and tripod?
  9. Thank you for your offer, but my location is overseas.
  10. Pricey and without a tripod. I have seen it in person and it looked too delicate for my taste. For about the same amount of money the EQ3 (with the new motors) seems like a better choice, but unfortunately not portable. I had a barn door tracker before but I am looking for a motorized mount now that it is more complicated to build.
  11. I am considering the above mount to use with a DSLR for casual photography of the night sky using short exposures up to around 30sec and lenses up to around 135mm. Does anyone know if the EQ1 mount is suitable for this task? I can also consider the EQ2, but I want to keep the setup as portable as possible and from what I found both mounts use the same motor drives and probably have a similar tracking accuracy.
  12. I know that this topic is about the a5000/a5100, but for anyone interested in these two cameras I would suggest to also consider the a3000 if it is still available. It is not as compact in size, it is made of plastic and has a lower resolution LCD (and an electronic viewfinder), but it is also much cheaper and uses a 20.1 mega pixels Exmor sensor. And as I already wrote above bulb is available in cont. shooting and this is a workaround to disable long exposure noise reduction.
  13. I have the Sony a3000 which I though was not much different from the a5000 and Bulb is available in both Cont. Shooting and BRK C 0.3EV modes. By choosing any of these combinations the camera does not automatically take a second (dark) exposure. And it works with a generic remote cord too. I would like to see the option to disable long exposure noise reduction in the menu, but for now this workaround seems to work for me. I hope this does not make things more confusing.
  14. I am looking for a portable mount that could be used for unguided exposures of 400-500mm focal length and of 1-2 minutes exposure. The FORNAX LighTrack II is advertised to have a peak-to-peak unguided tracking error of around 2 arcsec. Has anyone tried this mount and can advice about its performance?
  15. I tried the iOptron SkyTracker v2 and although tracking was not bad I did not really like it for a number of reasons.
  16. I have seen the Star Adventurer in a local shop and tried it out with my DSLR and longest lens and it seemed marginally sufficient to carry the weight. I have not tested in under the stars but I read some reports claiming that 200mm would be the limit for unguided exposures.
  17. I am looking for a mount for unguided astrophotography using a DSLR and telephoto lenses. I have seen iOptron's SkyTracker and Sky-Watcher's Star Adventurer but they didn't seem strong enough to hold a lot of weight and I am not sure about their tracking accuracy. I need a mount that will be able to hold up to around 2kg and be able to track for at least a minute up to 300mm. Would Sky-Watcher's EQ3-2 or EQ5 with a single axis motor be better choices?
  18. They do look like United Optics BA1 series, but there might be other differences such as coatings so I am looking for information from someone that actually tried them.
  19. Is anyone using the Bresser Spezial-Astro 20x80 binoculars? http://www.bresser.com/binoculars/bresserspezialbinoculars.html
  20. Does anyone know how to collimate the Helios Quantum 3 20x80 binoculars? http://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/Helios_Quantum_3_20x80_Observation_Binoculars.html The rubber on these binoculars seems to be permanently glued to the body to hide any collimation screws.
  21. Wouldn't be difficult to handle heavy binoculars (3kg and more) with a joystick head?
  22. I already have a 4" f/9 ED which gives a 3 degrees TFOV, but sometimes I need more aperture. With a 6" f/5 I could have the same TFOV and objects should be brighter, but I am not sure if views would be better than the refractor.
  23. How much will I be able to see (if any) with a 6" f/5 Newtonian in comparison with a 4" f/9 ED refractor? I am more interested in deep sky wide field than in planetary views.
  24. Does anyone have experience with the Tripod tripods and heads and the FGX1 tripod and TRAZph alt-az head in particular? http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p1459_Triton-photo-tripod---3-8--thread---64cm-----182cm---max--12kgs.html http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p725_Geared-AZ-head-with-fine-controls---for-photo-tripods-with-3-8-.html Would this set be a good combination for large binoculars?
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