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  1. Canon IS 12x36, Canon IS 15x50, B&S 10x56, Helios Apollo 15x85
  2. I've had a couple of newts and stored them both with the mirror at the top. Never had any problems.
  3. Strange ... there's my signature! Cheers ... Ian
  4. No doubt I'll get used to it in time, but so far I can't say I like it very much. It looks far too fussy for my taste. Also it doesn't seem to play nice with Safari, I had to switch to a different browser in order to make this post - it wouldn't let me enter any text in Safari. My signature's also disappeared - even though 'enable signatgure' is ticked. Cheers ... Ian
  5. Well, that looks like a unanimous vote for the ED120. I'll take your advice and stick with that. Thanks guys.
  6. I could do with your opinions on a dilemma I have. Later this year I'll be emigratring to the sun. The night skies are sensational there, even in summer. I'm planning to do a lot of relaxing, and will also have the time to start imaging. I aim to buy myself a 14/16" dob for visual to maximise the views from the great skies I'm heading to. Now here's my dilemna. I currently have a SW 120ED and a SW Quattro 10S, both of which have been used for visual only so far - but both are obviously very competent imaging scopes. I also have a Megrez 72 which I'll use for wide field imaging or guiding. I'm thinking that I don't need both the ED120 and Quattro, although each have their advantages. My problem is that I just can't make up my mind which one to let go. I'll be doing DSOs primarily, although I may also dabble in planetary as well. My mount is a CGEM. Any thoughts? Is there even an argument for keeping them both?
  7. That sound like an excellent idea. If you lock the thread then you can post whenever it suits you ... and we'll know that the update alerts are actually about the status of the kit on offer.
  8. Thanks all for your very helpful input. I suspected the Nirvana was as good, or better, than the others - but it's nice to see a consensus saying the same thing. I'll be sticking with my Nirvana 28.
  9. I have a Nirvana 28 that I am very happy with. I've been given an option on an ES82 30mm or Axiom 31mm. Are either of these a step up from the Nirvana, or are they all pretty even? Worth a change, or not? I'd be using it in an ED120 f7.5 and an f5 dob. I don't wear glasses for observing. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
  10. Had mine almost a year .. still loving it!
  11. Thanks Merlin, The converted refractor option is looking more and more attractive. The Lunt add ons look very expensive - probably cheaper to buy an LS60 - so I'd most likely go the Coronado route. Is there anywhere in the UK that supplies these? So far I can only find complete scopes for sale. Perhaps importing is the answer?
  12. Thanks both. One thing that has made me lean slightly towards the Lunt (bearing in mind that I've not looked through either scope) is the reported 'sweet spot' on the SM - not such a big deal for visual, but maybe a pain for imaging? If I went the Megrez route, would this be a non-issue due to the etalon being external? Or have I completely misunderstood it all. The possibility of getting even better performance for a similar price is quite attractive.
  13. Hi all, I've decided to try my hand at solar observation and imaging. I've spent a while researching on-line, but admit to still being confused by some of the options available. Bearing cost in mind, I think I've narrowed my options, but am still unsure which one to go for: Coronado SolarMax II 60, single stack, BF10 or BF15. What are the advantages of BF15 over BF10? Do I really need it? Lunt LS60T 1200, single stack, either tilt tune or pressure tune. Is there a significant difference between the two? I also have a Megrez 72 that I was planning to sell, but it might be an option too. What would I need to convert this for solar use? How would it perform compared to the dedicated solar scopes? Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated.
  14. Seconded! I've been a member for the last couple of years but, as you can see, my post count is pretty low. I read new threads most days but don't necessarily feel qualified to participate myself. I'm sure there are plenty of other members in a similar situation who would be excluded from the For Sale section, just because their post count wasn't high enough - but this doesn't mean we are not respectable forum members.
  15. If you allow a couple of hours total, that'll give you an hour and 56 mins to sort the focuser - cos removing the corrector plate will take about 2 mins and the same to put it back :-) Just don't forget the alignment marks trick before you take anything off.
  16. Hmm, I wonder if this would power an iOptron MT Pro for a couple of hours?
  17. I replaced my stock focuser with a Moonlight a couple of months ago and it was quite painless. The easiest way is to remove the corrector plate. Just put a little bit of tape on the outside edge of the corrector and also on the main tube just below it. This way you can make a couple of alignment marks on each bit of tape so that the corrector plate goes back on in exactly the same alignment as before. The whole job only took me about 15 mins. One thing you need to watch out for is the length of the screws needed to fit the Moonlight. The ones that came with mine were too short. I got some replacements from here. http://modelfixings.com/ Click on "Enter Main Page" Then click on "Fixings" The scroll down a bit and click on the "Cap Screws, Countersunk, and Button head screws"*picture Then go to the "Socket Screws" page Then go to "UNC Steel Capscrews" The correct part is just over half way down - part number*MF-SC263
  18. Try this site .. it's free and has a lot of scopes, cameras and lenses pre-defined as well as being able to handle custom configs. I've found it really useful. http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm
  19. Altair Astro used to do them. I got mine there. Not sure if they still do them though. I didn't see any on their site when I looked recently.
  20. I seem to recall from one of your previous posts Gaz that you work in Wilmslow (Wildings I assume). I live in Wilmslow and have a pair of Apollo 15x85s. You're welcome to borrow them for a bit. It'll give you a feel for quality/size/weight. The 22x85s are the same size/weight, just a bit more mag.
  21. The original head was 'ok'. Good enough to not need an immediate upgrade (at least with the 15x85s). The improvement in moving up to the EZTouch is very noticeable though. It feels much more substantial (cos it is) and is easier to use - it's smoother and it doesn't have any long handles sticking out that could foul the tripod legs. Overall, I think it was a worthwhile upgrade.
  22. "Sorry for the hijack....do you have a picture of the ez tuch set up?" Here's you go. It works very well. Everything is pretty steady. If I had to find fault, it would be that you need to keep good control of the geared centre column as you move it. There's a lot of weight pushing down on it. Of course, once it's in position and locked down everything's fine. The L bracket came from Altair Astro but i don't see them on their site anymore. No doubt someone else will do them as well.
  23. I'm away for the weekend at the mo, but I'll be back in a couple of days and will post a piccie then.
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