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  1. Looks quality and well priced. I'll do my research
  2. Hi. Haven't purchased yet. But I'm heavily leaning towards the skywatcher 72ed. Seems ideal for what I want and has good reviews. The ed80 looks alot bulkier considering it's only an extra 8mm of aperture.
  3. Any thoughts on the skywatcher 72 ed as a nice portable ed scope? I'm very close to pulling the trigger on this one
  4. Good shout. On the hunt for an equinox. Nice looking scopes as well
  5. Have looked at that one but it has to be an ed doublet .always wanted one, so hopefully abit of planetary when the mood takes me
  6. Hi all. I've always wanted a nice portable refractor for a while now as a good all rounder to go on an az GTi mount. I have a few in mind and would welcome any thoughts on my choices or any suggestions of any others. Skywatcher ed80 pro outfit. Skywatcher 72ed ota, or the ts photoline 72. I am aware that I will need to purchase a diagonal for any ota package that doesn't have one included and any other accessories as required. I'm leaning towards the skywatcher 72ed as I like the compactness of it. But will I miss the extra aperture of the ed80?. Abit in paralysis by analysis at the moment so would appreciate some thoughts. The scope Will be used for short astronomy and terrestrial sessions and for weekends away at dark sites. Cheers John
  7. Excellent. Thank you for that. I made an offer of a fiver. Told you I'm cheap
  8. I also ordered a 2x Barlow from eBay. Probably garbage but it was only 9.50 delivered. Yes I'm cheap
  9. Good to hear. I've ordered the 6mm from eBay for 14.59 including postage. Think I'll order the 15mm based on your observations. Cheers
  10. I've just been collimating the scope and taking some play from the azimuth bearing with PTFE tape. all ready for first light.
  11. thats brilliant. Cheers mark. Wish I had some clear skies here in sunny Bolton!
  12. thanks for that mark. Do you find with the 8mm you are able to pick out some nice details on planets? The 5mm bst would give 130 mag. Do you think this would be too much for the heritage?
  13. Hi mark. I no longer have any EPs apart from the ones provided with the scope. I sold all my astronomy gear a few years ago so I'm starting from scratch. Well actually I have a skywatcher 25mm plossl but that's its. I remember really liking the bsts. Not so much the tmb as I sent it back for a refund. Cheers
  14. I didn't think of a Barlow. Will have a look for one. Cheers.
  15. Ideally I'd like a big eyeglass similar to the starguiders. Much easier to use I find. I have used the baader orthos and like them though. Will keep my eye out for a bargain.
  16. yeah they do yeah got a nice deal. Telescope is like new as well. The lady said her son used it once then put it back in the box.
  17. Thank you for the replies gents. Plenty to think about. I've seen a skywatcher 6mm planetary wide angle on eBay for £33 delivered. Would this give adequate results? Bear in mind i was using the supplied 10mm eyepiece with my 70mm travelscope the other night and enjoying it. Yes I'm easily pleased:)
  18. Hi all. Have been out of the hobby for a while now but recently been bitten by the bug again. I picked up a second hand heritage 130p today (the second one I've had) and wanted some recommendations on a budget planetary eyepiece for Jupiter in particular.. I have owned the starguiders in the past which are nice. But would rather not spend money on an eyepiece that cost as much as the scope itself. I'm a very casual observer , but the supplied 10mm is not very good at all. Any suggestions appreciated. Kind regards John
  19. Hi Peter. Yes you're right, opticron do have a good name. I already have some opticron 8x40. And some Olympus 7x35. And quite honestly I prefer the minimal vibrations that a lower mag bino provides.
  20. Good evening. I'm currently looking for some nice 6x30 porros for sweeping the night skies and have a few models in mind. Can anybody give me any thoughts on these? Opticron savanna 6x30 Kowa yf 6x30 Yosemite bx1 6x30. I'm leaning towards the opticrons but would appreciate any input. Cheers. John
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