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Not sure about anyone else but am pretty excited about the new E-ELT (European - Extremely Large Telescope) that's due to be built in Chile in 2018.

I mean from sheer Primary Mirror size it's the biggest yet and looking at what the VLT has discovered in the past week the super mega monstEr star, the thoughts of what the E-ELT will discover just builds anticipation of new discoveries.

With being able to see further will we eventually be able to see the exo-planets that are found from the ESA's CoRoT mission?

(Maybe not but it would be nice i think)

What's everyone elses thoughts on this new scope?

Are you excited about what new discoveries await us?

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It's awaresome when you think about it :eek: , a 42 meter primary mirror made from 984 hexagonal mirrors, and a secondary mirror at 4.2 meters, and they claim it will be 15 times sharper than Hubble.

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