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  1. Just logged in and seen this. Signed
  2. An image my Dad took last night Pentax K200 Opteka 500mm Mirror Lense F6 1:6.3 DG Credit for the Picture goes to Keith Robinson Taken 26/3/2012 Unfortunately my 12mp £50 camera won't separate light as good as my Dad's camera and seeing as though it's one of his pride and joys i wasn't up for handling it myself. lol. Enlarged view below
  3. There is some things that you don't like in life. Mine is getting up early in the morning for work. But as I got up this morning it was a little chilly but nice and clear. My window looks West and there shining bright was Mars. The night be for Venus and Jupiter were spotted with relative ease so to add a 3rd planet in a night was good. I stepped out to go to my car and looked South. There the mighty Saturn lighting my direction of travel towards work. Adding a 4th planet in the space of one night. My route to work consists of a lot of East and West with a final sprint East. Arriving at work I glanced longingly once more first to Saturn. Then to Mars. The treat your asking? The long bright streak of a meteorite passing just to the right of Mars. How I love my Hobby Scot
  4. Hello all been a while since I've been on here. Been busy with work and other things but still managed to keep my eyes to the skies. Now to the Title of the Topic. Date: Saturday 3rd December Time: 06:08 UT Direction: West North West Constellation: Auriga Nearest Star: L Aur Description Was doing a spot of early morning stargazing due to my alarm clock waking me up at the wrong time. Looking out over Gemini and Auriga with very clear skies. Was looking at Alnath and L Aur when there was a 'Flash' or 'Pulse' of light. I say both as am not sure which to class it as. It was very close to L Aur to the naked eye about 2 - 3 centimeters away on it's left side as we look at it. Now i say flash or pulse because I've never seen anything like it. I've seen an Iridium Flare once and it didn't look like that. This wasn't moving it was stationary. Basically from where it happened there was no star. Then gradually light appeared. It gained size up to around 1/5 to 1/4 of the moon. Very bright. Nearly 4 - 5 times brighter than Jupiter. After reaching size is began to shrink. This took less than a minute. I have contacted the IAU. They have got back to me and said that my observation has been forwarded to the IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT). Did anyone else see this? Scot
  5. The first time it failed it was sent back to Skywatcher from the shop i bought it from where i received a NEW handset. I've contacted Skywatcher recently as it's had the same problem as the 1st time and i wanted to know if it was a common fault. Seems it's a defective LCD screen which is causing the problem and as it's the same problem as the 1st could be a batch issue when made. There advice was to return it to the store i bought it from. Since the store i bought it from has since closed down I am having to source another store that can do the send back for me. Hence why i was asking for Telescope stores. (Or another way which they suggested via Email today was to get in contact with the UK Distributor OVL and arrange for it to be shipped to them so a replacement can be sent out.) Hope this clears any confusion on the subject. Scot
  6. Thanks guys will give a look into LCE on my next days off work :-)
  7. Managed to Google a Camera shop in Cleethorpes that says they deal with Scopes... Will give them a call... Rother Valley will be my next port of call should the Clee shop not be right. Thanks for the feedback. Scot
  8. Hi all. Does anyone know of any Telescope shops or Camera Shops in the Lincolnshire Area of the UK? The reason i ask is my Synscan controller has broken (again) but the shop i bought the scope from has since closed. Really want to get this fixed Scot
  9. I was asked this Question last night while working. What is your favourite constellation? My answer was none. With everything to see out in the Cosmos it's hard to have a favourite due to each one having different things to view. Nebulas, Galaxies, Clusters etc. But this got me thinking of another Question. What is your favourite thing to view? Personally I find the Planets the best thing to view. Constant changes on the surface of Jupiter, the stunning rings of Saturn to name a few bits. I'll throw the Question to you all Scot
  10. It's powered with rechargeables until i can afford a powertank. The power supply was firmly connected all night and the batteries have lasted me 6+ hours before. Last night was less than 4 hours. The only time the power went off was when i disconnected the power lead. As for getting the new firmware i've tried powering the handset this morning and still no text appears on the screen. It just lights up red.
  11. Just wondering if anyone could help with an issue with the controller. Tonight while out my controller was working fine. Untill about 20 or so mins ago. Looked at the screen to see the wording broken and jumbled then the screen went blank and just glowed. Have had this issue once before and it needed a new controller. Is this a common fault with the synscan or just some kind of malfunction?
  12. Will have to try to process what i have from the night as my Controller has packed in. Would be the 2nd time since buying that it's stopped working.
  13. LOR isn't a problem when the skies are clear. Gives off very little LP on the high skies
  14. There is dewing problems on the eyepieces due to the temperature drop. Scope has been out cooling down since 5pm this afternnon with the eyepieces yet it's still happened. Now i've moved the scope from platform to ground it seems better. Just wondering if it could be due to imaging over an oil refinery
  15. Hey guys. As am typing this it's a live chat during the imaging of jupiter. I've focused in the planet in question as best as i can. Yet even though of that i'm still getting a kind of ghostly glow. I can see the NEB as a small dark band on the image but no other detail. Using the telescope spec below in my Signature and the SPC900 webcam. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Scot
  16. Finally after months of trying to get a decent night for viewing / practicing imaging i get 2. Plus another bonus is i don't have to worry about work the next day due to my shifts dropping good for once. 7Timer! - numerical weather forecast for anywhere over the world I know am going to jinx myself somehow but if the bbc is anything to go by it could be 3 nights out of 4!!! BBC Weather | DN40 It must be the start of the winter. Let the good times roll.
  17. I have this problem also. But i don't see it as lack of commitment. It's a case of right night, right time. As with my luck just lately it'll be cloudy until 1am then suddenly clear. But should i put the scope out i know that i'll end up with condensation in minutes then spend 10 or more minutes making sure my lenses and barlow are clear before i can use them. Luckily it's getting to that time of year when clearer nights are more often. (Supposedly but have yet to see it. lol) Commitment or lack there of off? Nah. Don't get down. Keep your head firmly in the direction it always wants to be. Looking up and gazing far.
  18. A giant leaf blower wouldn't be good enough. It would just send it from me to someone else who didn't want it.
  19. Big rain, Little Rain, Sidewards rain, Thunder, Lightning all in Lincolnshire. Wish the weather would be good when am not working and bad when working. During the day i mean. Not the night. That would be mean on all you guys. Unless your a Solar observer in which case we need to build a Cloud Vacuum. Bit like a Dyson only alot lot really huger more massive to suck up the clouds.
  20. People at work ask me this a lot of the time. My answer is always the same. Yes. To believe that in a Universe so big that only 1 planet out of the possible trillions that are out there is supporting life is a bit closed minded. Other things to add into factors that we haven't made contact yet are the amount of satellites that are over head blocking signals from getting through. Have we been visited before? Who knows Will we ever be visited? Who knows But one thing i do know, if i'm outside with my scope and some big ol' space ship comes down and blocks my viewing. I ain't gonne be happy. lol.
  21. Looking all clear for tonight on the East Coast and beyond. Finally a good night with no work the next morning.
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