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  1. cheers Mike It has been nearly two years or more since i done anything meaningful. miss the people not the hassle i went through etc. may be one day i will do a little more again but i have no where to keep anything i have kept the astro bins so there is always them. please give my regards to Dorothy as well cheers Grahame
  2. i will pop in form time to time no doubt Gareth. i might even see what the bridgend soc have to offer next year ( not moving till February) as they will be close. for talks etc we will have to see. i have just put some of the kit in the classified section would love it to go to a south wales person but it needs to go somewhere quick. have a fun everyone it was something i have really enjoyed over the years though i have not done much recently. May be one day i will get a chance to do it all again.
  3. well i am eventually taking the plunge and moving out and to a small flat so all chance of me keeping up with astronomy is now finally gone. no room for anything might pop up top an event every now and again but for now i have to say thats all Follks.
  4. Hi all Glad to see your all still here and enjoying your astronomy. I have not been on here for ages so i take this time to say Hi been away loads but back is SW now and it is all going well got promoted recently so thing are looking up. real busy though not much time any more. i am not even doing so much photography either still things will sort itself out soon no doubt and i will get some time back. anyway take care for now catch you all soon Grahame
  5. Such a shame Pat but as said already health comes first you take care and get better quickly
  6. I would check before going as i am not sure that they do meet i might be wrong though one of the members who used to meet there did not even know they were still going so i would give the drovers a ring and check first
  7. Guys and Gals took a few shots last time we went to Blaenavon for the meteor shower that never happened though id share one or four sunset Blaenavon2 by gjb.carter, on Flickr sunset Blaenavon by gjb.carter, on Flickr M&S by gjb.carter, on Flickr L&S by gjb.carter, on Flickr
  8. Well Done Ant please as punch for you
  9. i got to the CAS Event and ended up in the observatory all evening ( not complaining mind you) got to see loads and even caught one of two meteors. left the site at 2:45 an enjoyable weekend in all
  10. Good to see some old friends and new last night at Blaenavon. pity the clouds came and spoilt it tonight, weather permitting i am going to the CAS event at Dyffryn gardens Gates open by 10PM Weather permitting of course. keep an eye on their website to see if it is on or not on front page under Dave's star party http://www.cardiff-a...-society.co.uk/
  11. Cool if the weather holds might pop over for some sunset shots and then stop for a while and try and get some meteors ....... though tomorrow i might go to the CAS observatory event for the peak must remember to pack my chair.
  12. brings back Very good memories but has it moved to the other side of the path? G
  13. after seven hours in a car coming from west yorkshire this afternoon and the ten mile queue to come into wales at monmouth in 32 degrees id glady welcome the winter nights.
  14. thought for the day, i hate the M6 !!!
  15. Hi Mat Pass on my well wishes to Pat next time you speak to him please Pat if you reading this Get better soon mate
  16. What's the Wenallt car park like these days? CAS stopped using it as it was frequented by the unsociable site of life.
  17. it was nice to see it out on the road well presented and informative liked to format and the presenters worked together well. take my hat of to them still miss the commander though!
  18. When i went Years ago now and met Stuart there that day i bought a mount and scope with go to drives and saved a fortune over £400 getting a astrofest discount so it can be more than worth while and enable large cost savings and that is with the cost Mile mentioned as well just for a day out and a nose around nahhh that what the webs for....
  19. Well i managed to get off my mountain today at last been here since Thursday night / Friday morning still got 12 inches of snow in the front garden and a 3 ft drift tin the back. Got the car down the hill this morning Scary few minutes and only single track. still got there and back and now topped up with food and milk. there were people talking about gritters what are they ? the house has been here thirty years never seen one up here. had to dig our selves pout again this year with the help of a JCB which helped move the top snow but compacted the bottom two inches that has been an ice rink and down hill don't make it easy.
  20. Hey who would drink all the beers and tell jokes ????
  21. Well done Ant if they are your design idea they are really good l really like the second one it made me laugh out loud
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