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Old spacecraft illustrations/images


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Hi All,

Since young I have always had an interest in astronomy, space travel, and science fiction. I remember in the early 80's lending library books that contained artists impressions and illustration of potentially future space craft designs.

Does anyone know of any sites or artists online with similar images/content?

These designs were distinct, dipicting varying ships types, with a lot of blue, yellow and red, with regitration marking and the like. If anyone ever played the Homeworld PC game, they used a similar deisgn.

We had a talk at our astronomy club from Reaction Engines Ltd. on the British Skylon Spaceplane project and the design was stricking and got me thinking about previous illustrations I had seen as a kid.



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The designers of the 'Homeworld' games took much inspiration from the work of sci-fi artist and illustrator Peter Elson, (he is mentioned in the credits at the end of the original Homeworld game and has a character, Captain Elson, named after him in Homeworld 2).

Take a look at his website here: Science Fiction Illustrator | Peter Elson



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