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Veil Nebula in Ha


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This Ha image was taken over three nights from my home in Orpington Kent.

Over half the subs were wasted because of dawn/twilight skies and I was probably pushing the boat out a bit going for 30min subs too. Focus could have been better too :)

Processed to bring out the faint stuff.




Exposure: 10 x 30min

Filter: Baader Ha 7nm passband

Camera: Finger Lakes ML 8300

Optics: Canon 200L lens@f/3.2

Conditions: Clearish with quite a lot of sky glow.

Sky Magnitude: approx 3.7

Location: Orpington Kent

Date: 8,9,10/07/2010

Guiding: Lodestar +Startravel 80

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