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Scope in shed

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I keep my 10" Dob in my garden shed it's been fine all winter but now the days are growing longer and the sun feels a bit warmer I'm thinking how will the mirrors fare if the shed gets hot on sunny summer days?

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They will be fine! Its only water that causes problems - usually as dew in the winter and the worst you get is staining when it dries off. General corrosion of the mirrors - which takes years! will happen whatever you do.

P.S. ALWAYS cover the mirror! If the Sun shines onto it you will cause a fire!! (especially if the shed is wooden!!)

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I would add that the summer months cause more moisture in sheds than the winter months. To be honest, the winter doesn't pose a problem. It kills the bugs off, on average the air is much drier and scopes are designed to deal with the cold temps. Sheds develop an awful lot of humidity during the hot summer days. I myself keep my 10" dob in the shed and have taken two steps to keep the humidity down.

Firstly, I have cut a few vent holes (with bug grilles) at the bottom of the shed with a few 12v pc fans. Then two larger exhaust fans (120mm) near the apex. All of this is hooked up to a 12v thermostat that cuts in at 28 degrees C. As im a secret eco warrior, I have also got a 5 watt solar panel to top up the battery for all this.

A much easier (but less fun) option is to buy a couple of those dehumidifying tubs. Its amazing just how much water they suck out of the shed and wont touch your electricity bill.


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