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Another stupid newbie lunar question


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I've seen the fantastic lunar pics posted here, great detail, as if ou could reach out and touch the surface.....

But the stupid question is - can you see where the astronauts landed? Can you get a large enough magnification to see the evidence of human landing? (remains of the lander, car-thing, flag)

No doubt Hubble could/has but this is unlikely to silence the landing sceptics, not exactly impartial or good use of the scopes time.


(can you tell that its cloudy?)

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Not from here... The resolution of the scopes doesn't go into that small detail. I don't believe even the Hubble can get in that close. One of the orbiting satellites, JAXA I think, with it's HD camera has picked up the lander and the tracks of the Rover.

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Thanks all, very interesting. :)

even if you took the doubters to the actual moon and showed them, they would still argue their case.

If I said I was a doubter would someone take me? Then others would only doubt that I went..... might as well make it a coach load.:eek:

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