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Auriga's Messiers


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Hi there

Got out last night and pointed the scope at Auriga and pulled down its Messier clusters, hope you like them.





A good cluster for eye strain.



Thanks for taking the time.


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Auriga is now one of my favourite places to visit. My first time observing it with my 20X90 bins i easily saw M36,M38. I was hunting the flame nebula but didnt see it. M36,M38 really stood out as sore thumbs as far as faint fuzzies go.

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Thanks guys.

Paul, the Flame Nebula is in Orion, next to Alnitak, the lower star in Orion's Belt. I'm not sure if it can be sen in binos, please correct me if I'm wrong.

It took me about forty-five minutes to get M37 down, towards the end it got a little uncomfortable as my eye was getting tired.


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