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Hi Everybody from a cloudy Kent.


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Hello everybody on here. Ive recently taken a huge interest into viewing the sky and i look out every night with my binoculars but unfortunately i live in a very built up area (Maidstone) which isnt very good at all.

One problem im having is that im seeing stars every night but i dont have the first idea on how to name them. Ive looked at star maps and they all seem gobbledegook to me.

Although my main interest is definitely viewing the planets but im not sure how to distinguish them from stars.

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Hi and welcome to SGL

Try not to learn too much sky at once. Pick a constellation (Orion would be a good choice at this time of year) and become familiar with the shape and position of the main stars and if you use a planisphere like Talitha suggests you soon be picking up start names.


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Welcome to SGL, Cloud9!

If you're looking for a good, basic primer for beginners, I always recommend H.A Rey's 'The Stars - A New Way To See Them'. It includes info on the planets too!



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Hi Cloud9,

A warm welcome to SGL, a very nice star map program accessed through Philip S. Harrington`s web site called TUBA, intended for bins, might be of use, you can print off sections of the night sky adjusted to your own requirements for basic star identification, whatever you do enjoy the forum.


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