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  1. Ended up round a mate's last night who lives in quite a rural area giving as amazing skies, started viewing probably about 1.30am until the sun rose and saw a total of around 18-25 Perseids, the best one being around 2.45 which was absolutely huge and left a clear trail behind it, i was totally amazed at that one. I also saw roughly 5 satellites as well so all in all it was a very successful evening.
  2. Thanks for everyones help and advice Weather permitting i will have another bash at the moon tonight to see if i can get it working.
  3. Id love to go into imaging at some point and post my shots on here but i really wouldn't know where to start.
  4. No i havent yet but i think i will definitely have a look at some point this week, a quick internet search wields nothing though.
  5. Hi all again. I took it out tonight to try again with the moon but this time i didn't use the barlow lens or image erector that it had come with but instead i just used an eyepiece and the view was a lot better. My best results came from the 12.5mm where i could get clear detail which was really exciting! So i swapped with the 4mm but i was greeted with just a white haze and really blurry.
  6. I live in Maidstone in Kent Oh right yeah, i have been doing that but it doesn't make much difference, only a little .
  7. Well i believe so, i havent really done much to it since i got it so if it needs manually focussing then thats probably my problem but i wouldn't have the first idea how to focus it if thats the case. As you probably notice i am a complete amatuer at this kind of thing. sgazer - No, i got it for Christmas so it's well out of warranty. Ive been trying for the last 6 months to get something meaningful from it but im just failing hopelessly. Although i think its more my problem than the scope tbh because i really don't know what im doing.
  8. Yeah, same as Steve, website still down for me.
  9. Im 16 and recently got into the hobby but i can confirm that nobody else at my school is in the slightest bit interested in astronomy. I think the problem is, i reckon there's quite a few people who would secretly get quite into it if they wanted to but it's not regarded as "cool" so they want to stay part of the in crowd so therefore dismiss anything like this as geeky.
  10. Ok, thanks everyone for your advice , ill be trying all of it out tonight. Yeah, the scope isn't exactly the best and ive had quite a few problems with it, and i was looking at the moon through it last night and it was just a fuzzy white ball but i just simply haven't got enough money for a new scope yet but i will definitely be looking for one of the scopes mentioned above maybe in a year or so.
  11. Hi everybody. I got this telescope a while back Buy National Geographic 76mm Newtonian Telescope. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .. The huge problem i've got is that when i finally get the telescope lined up with something it promptly moves away again. The mechanism on the scope to keep it still doesn't seem to work particularly well so unless i keep both hands on the scope to keep it still it just moves about all the time making lining up almost impossible. Any help? Are the any ways i can keep it still?
  12. The moon was looking good last night, that is until the clouds rolled in about 11.30/Midnight .
  13. I didnt catch Saturn or Mars tonight , but i did see a wonderful Venus in the West just as it was sliding out of view.
  14. The Moon? Was it a bright flash or fixated in the sky?
  15. Ok cheers Mark. Im loading up Stellarium as i type so i will check it out.
  16. Hi all, i was bought this a while back Buy National Geographic 76mm Newtonian Telescope. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for . and ive got 2 things i'd like to ask if thats ok 1) Im having serious problems keeping it still, although there is a mechanism on the scope to keep it rigid in position it doesn't seem to work particularly well and if i find something interesting i cant keep it in position. 2) Im not sure what to actually be looking for if i'm honest, i had some great naked eye/binocular viewing in winter but i cant see anything at the moment. (My only viewing direction is South and SouthWest). Thanks for reading.
  17. i probably could get hold of one to borrow. thanks for the advice.
  18. last night i left the scope outside for about 45 mins before using it to try and get the scope to the temperature outside and therefore the mist would clear naturally. However when i used it 45 minutes later the quality was still very poor. Another thing is that the flaming scope won't stop moving, when i do get it on something i want to have a look at the scope will move all over the show, i have locked it into place as tight as it will go but it still wobbles around.
  19. I think maybe it could have been dew. Could i simply clean it with a cloth or do i need some specialised dew clearer. Thanks for your replies.
  20. Hi all! I got my first telescope yesterday for christmas. It's this one. Buy National Geographic 76mm Newtonian Telescope. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .. I was looking at the moon last night through the finderscrope but when i had a look through the 20mm eyepiece the moon had a really poor quality and it was just a white fuzzy mess. Is it a problem with the telescope or something i'm doing wrong?
  21. I was out trying to sort out my new telescope and whilst i was outside i saw a huge fireball! This is with the naked eye. It went from South to East and was easily spotted. It looked exactly like a fireball and was about the same size as the moon is currently but slightly not as bright. Anyone else seen anything?
  22. i didnt get to look out last night due to the cloud so im hoping for a clear night tonight. Just a quick question. How bright are the Geminids? Are they brighter or dimmer than something like Jupiter or Sirius?
  23. exactly the same here in Kent. Sat24 reckons heavy cloud by 9/10ish so im not too hopeful tonight.
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