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Peering into the murk

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I went out the last two nights with my 6" Newt, and as Jupiter and the Moon were the only things to look at in this seeing, I looked at them. It gave me a chance to play around with different eps and stuff. I could only barely make out the Plough, and could not see Polaris or the Little Dipper at all. I could not see Spica, but could see Arcturus. I did a little search with my 32mm plossl, and could see hardly any stars even then.

I spent some time on the Moon, and quite enjoyed it, although I didn't do anything as challenging as getting out the map. Aristarchus has just cleared the terminator, and I always enjoy that. I call it the "Liquid Paper" crater to myself. It looks like someone tried to erase a typo on the Moon.

Jupiter appeared as a well-defined disk, and at 100x or more I could faintly make out banding. I cranked 'er up to 300x just because, and while it wasn't a brilliant view, it gave me confidence that if I get to a clear, dark sky, I may even be able to see festoons and the GRS.

Just looked at the weather report for Edinburgh for next week. I don't think I'll bother with a scope... :)

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Don't take the 'scope to Edinburgh, WH. It is 56 degrees north and doesn't get dark at this time of year. Only the Moon and Jupiter are bright enough to be worth watching this far north.

Oh, and Daz is right - the 80 or 90 shilling is well worth trying :)

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