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Downsized eyepiece collection


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Having had about 12 eyepieces for a while i decided that now is the time to make some changes.

I seemed to spend all evening swopping from one to another and not really observing! Too much choice was the problem.

Considering the options it was decided to take the oppotunity to upgrade the quality but downgrade the number.

Finally settled on three Hyperions and a barlow which i hope will cover most eventualities.

So here we are:- 8mm, 17mm,24mm and ED barlow.;)


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I seemed to spend all evening swopping from one to another and not really observing!


Had to smile when I read this as i too have done exactly the same.

My old Hyperion was very comfortable to use, with little eye strain.


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This seems to be a common story. I only use three ( or maybe four if you count very close double stars!) eyepieces... never use a barlow (visually). Powermates for imaging.

Those sexy sets of six or eight eyepieces look good in the box... and that's where many of them stay.

Get the "family" of three (or four) solid performers and stick by them. You look after them; and they will look after you!

My TV plossls are almost 20 years old and still doing better than my eyes, which I think have aged 40 years!!!!!

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Having re-established my Hyperion collection, I am going through the same. Neither of my scopes USUALLY need the 5mm. The 8mm will stay, and it's a toss-up between the 13mm & 17mm? I STILL find the 24mm handy, 'cos it is so light and I leave the SSCI webcam attached, for "actual size" eyepiece projection. But the other night, I just kept the 31mm in the MAK and never felt the need to change - About right for most OC's etc. The 31mm Asp & 24mm are surprising close in TFoV... <wibble> ;)

Sometimes one developes an "affection" for (each) eyepiece and servicing TWO scopes is a good excuse. But financial pragmatism may (yet again!) come to rule... :)

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As soon as I get to try the ES1400 I may well let go of a few of mine as well or more likley just retain them but not take them out anymore.

I generally find I stick with my SW 38mm Panaview and the 13mm Hyperion when I am out. Seldom use the Barlow and only ever use the 26mm Panaview for alignment.

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