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Total Lunar Eclipse 2010 12 21

Mandy D

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I'm a bit late posting this, but I was going through my archives and found this photo of the total lunar eclipse from December 2010. The Moon was still clearly vibible in the sky to the naked eye, but my point and shoot camera didn't appear to pick it up. However, a fresh look at the image on a modern LCD monitor shows it quite clearly. I've also enhanced the photo in GIMP to attempt to make it that bit clearer. The Moon is above the rock, between the two bands of faint cloud and appears as a faint white disc. As best I can work it out, the photo was taken at about 07:50. The temperature measured by the car was -12 °C. We spent 45 minutes up there.

This was the first total lunar eclipse I ever photographed. You may have to zoom in to spot the Moon.


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9 minutes ago, maw lod qan said:

Now that I zoomed in, I can spot it without zooming!

That's cool.

Yes, even when you know where it is, it seems to take a while to appear.

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