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Weather : finale demise !

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I feel your pain on the weather. I'm in Ireland and I've had my scope over a month now and I've only had the chance to get out twice!! It's either been raining or cloudy. It's annoying as I'm not in a built up area so when I get clear skies, it's spectacular even without a scope. I'm always looking out the door before my daughter goes to bed and checking for stars. I've tried the apps and websites for conditions but found them a bit hit and miss. I just look outside and when I see something I put the scope out and then get my stuff together while it's getting used to outside.

I'm hoping as it comes into the summer that I'll get some clear nights again. And it won't be so cold out 🥶

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At my location on the south coast astronomical darkness ends on the 26th or 27th May and doesn't come back until 15th or 16th July, so Summer is effectively a write-off. Maybe a bit of NB or the brighter globs. Further north the gap is even longer.

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