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Using NINA when you have 2 cameras.......

Deputy Dawg

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Hi All,

Can anyone point me to some good NINA tutorials that cover setting up NINA when you want to use 1 camera for guiding/plate solving and another for imaging.

I want to do Planetary work and find the imaging camera has to narrow a FOV for plate solving.

I have watched a few videos from CUIV and Patriot Astro but like most, they seem to focus on a single camera rig, or dont dig into differentiating between cameras.

NINA seems to have 4 different locations you can input camera settings, but to me it is very unclear which module in Nina is making use of which settings......and how you connect more than 1 camera.

Probably a question for the NINA forum, but the lounge is more comfy ;-)

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Might not be so easy, but I am no expert.

My thoughts were to maybe setup two profiles one that had your guidescope ccd as the main imaging camera and the guidescope as the imaging scope so all the pixel /  focal length is correct for those and then another main profile setup as normal using the main CCD and main scope and with the guidecam and guidescope as the guiding setup.

There maybe other ways to do this though I am not aware of so maybe worth posing the question on the NINA forum if no other responses here.


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As Steve says you can only have one imaging camera running in one instance of NINA at any time. If you need to mix and match what that camera is then as said create two profiles and choose the one you need depending on what you're doing. All the configuration in any specific profile is based on the scope and camera that has been selected.

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NINA isn't exactly setup for planetary work and has limited camera controls. It's designed to setup a deep sky imaging plan and press play.

Sharpcap gives you much finer controls of the camera settings. You could use NINA to connect to your guide camera and mount for platesolving and centring and Sharpcap for capture on your main camera.

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