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Another Comet.....

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Whatever the knack for comet imaging is, I don't have it! I have spent 3 days fighting to get something half-decent from my imaging session from the 12th. I'm still not happy with the background, but I decided to stop before I got over-stressed. Anyway, this was about 1.5 hours of OSC data .

Imaged using a Rising Cam IMX571 and Altair 115mm Starwave. Process in PI, Affinity and APP.




Comet_integration_No_stars_ABE_crop-lpc-cbg AP3a.jpg

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25 minutes ago, mikeDnight said:

What is it you don't like?

It's may not be so obvious now, but despite endless hours I really struggled to get rid of the star 'walking noise'. Even running all 87 frames thought star Xterminator then comet stacking, still left star trails. Eventually combining about everything I could think of and a bit of blind luck, I managed to get this. Now I just need to remove the 254 Gb of data PI has deposited on my SSD!!

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