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  1. CERN visits..... A physics teacher I know that took twenty CERN visits from the UK received this.... Dear Sir, How have you been? Hard to imagine it's been 10 years since I was at ******** for the exchange. I wouldn't hold it against you if you don't remember me. I was an exchange student from The S****** School, India, a tall fellow with a passion for physics. I remember I thoroughly enjoyed your classes. You encouraged me to ask questions and pursue physics in college and as a career. You had particularly encouraged me to apply to universities in the UK and elsewhere, and through to our interactions, I was convinced that it is important for me to be in an enabling environment to truly flourish. I remember that you showed me a picture of your students at CERN and I was astounded, to me the idea of going to CERN was like visiting Mecca, or even Narnia. I'm happy to inform you that I did end up visiting CERN, and not just for a day, I've had a permanent office there for the past few years. I will be defending my PhD in Artificial Intelligence for Particle Physics later this year and I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement back then. In the end, the universities in the UK were a bit too expensive so I studied in Mumbai and Paris, and from this October I'll be starting a postdoctoral fellowship at University of California Irvine and Berkeley (a joint position), working on various theoretical and experimental physics projects. I wonder if *********** students still visit CERN, it would be a happy coincidence to run into you. A strong positive experience often goes a long way, especially for a young mind. Recently I was moderating a science outreach event called Master Classes, and a young girl from a school in Sheffield later emailed me asking whether it's worthwhile studying physics and computer science. She loved both and couldn't decide which to study at university, so my field of AI for physics interested her. It was a wonderful feeling being able to give her some advice and encouragement. It reminded me of my interaction with you. Hope you've been well during these difficult times, and I hope you continue to get young students excited about physics! Best Regards, ********* It's worth it!
  2. Ah! Where those 'dreadful' Aurora cause havoc to imaging! How about removal of the IR filter or a modded DSLR as an intermediate step? p.s. I love the aurora... and have been to Tromso four times for the joy!
  3. Had a visit to the 'Herschel Museum' in Bath a few years ago... My wife thought it 'pricey' for a small museum. I really enjoyed it; however I did feel that it would be more interesting for someone with some prior knowledge of the family and their contribution to science than for someone coming in 'cold'.
  4. From 'The Times' this week...
  5. We've had very good times in previous visits... When it's good it is very, very good; when it's bad it's ********!
  6. I had the same near Rothbury, 16th-23rd!
  7. Yes, Andromeda is good.... This is my only clear bit of sky visible from my driveway.... Streetlights and houses spoil/obstruct the rest. I was rather surprised and very pleased. Also the Perseus double cluster. Pixel peeping the Pacman and a few other 'bits and bobs' can also be found!
  8. Fixed tripod. Canon 5DIII, Canon16-35 at 35mm, f 2.8. A goodly clump of 3200 ISO, 5 second images stacked. Now, where's Cassiopeia?
  9. Yes... looking back on it... in the '60's my mother bought us a pack of fags to give to her mum (my nan) as a present when we visited every Sunday... We contributed to her demise! Regrets... we probably all have a few! A different world. I've still got the 'Man in Flight' coins, and my 1966 World Cup Willie periscope!!!!!!!
  10. These are great... I'm envious. One of the benefits of early middle-age (born in the late '50's) is the joy of being able to look back on many iterations of the 'future' via all sorts of media. A sadness is the lack of progress in some areas of space travel etc. following the demise of Apollo. As a teacher I used to show my classes the science books and ephemera that inspired me as a youngster... It always provoked discussion (and a fair bit of hilarity)!
  11. Just asking for a friend... how do you walk away from yourself?
  12. Teach using the CAGE system..... crayon and gluestick experience!
  13. What a lovely thead... Lovely images and so much information... what this site is about.
  14. Re-process all those images... and then realise that you'd got it right first-time in so many cases!
  15. Launch of Telstar, Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programmes for me... Apollo 1 fire and death of Virgil Gus Grissom (Thunderbird 2!), discovery of LGM-1, and 1960's dark skies of Norfolk! Entranced by the night sky.
  16. I've got one of those shields!!!!! I reckon that there will be a few out there!
  17. Canon banding? In Pixinsight there is a feature to reduce/remove this. May well be available elsewhere?
  18. I used the video (and other sources) to improve my mount. I found the video to be be one of the better sources. Cleaning on greasing was carried out very, very carefully, and then the subtle inter-related adjustments of worm/belt tension/gears/grub screws took an age but the end result has been well worth it. Having initially been very wary I'm now actually looking forward to doing a re-fresh whenever necessary!
  19. I agree with Tom... I'd loosen the taper bearing just a touch and give it another swing. Too free and it'll be sloppy and you'll feel it wobble as the scope goes over the top of the axis.
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