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Powered USB cable for camera

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Would anyone know if something like this (link below) would be suitable to run a camera (Altair GPCAM2 290C)  attached to the telescope in the garden?

RSHTECH USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable 32 Feet with 5V 2A Power Adapter, USB 3.0 Extender Male to Female Cord with Built-in Signal Booster Chips for Xbox, PS4, USB Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, etc : Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

Thank you,


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Personally, I wouldn't trust it to power something demanding over that length, due to voltage drops etc...  It may well work ok as a signal booster ??, but from my experience with powered\non-powered USB devices\hubs etc, over even much shorter lengths, performance has been sadly lacking, with dropouts, device conflicts etc.

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I too never had any reliability with active USB cables, especially ones from Amazon.

Before I changed to having a fanless PC at the mount and use remote desktop the only thing that worked reliably for me to get signals back over long distances was to use USB over Ethernet, not cheap but worked like a dream.

THIS is the one I used and can vouch for. I see now there seem to be cheaper ones at around £55 to £60 but cannot say if they will work as well as no experience but I guess if you got from Amazon you can send it back if it doesn't.

Downside is you will need a power source at the mount though, but assume there is one for the mount itself.


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