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Celestron which model is this please?

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Ooks like the celestron 8" cpc maybe with starbright XLT depends on the age as they have been going for years and it has the wedge mines is the modern equivalent with GPS. Literally just bought yesterday for £900. With WiFi adaptor and some lenses and an older cc'd camera


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  • SteveWolves changed the title to Celestron which model is this please?

No you need an adapter to use hyperstar.  Sct’s from this era didnt even know Fastar/Hyperstar would be available 10-20 years later.  Its not a big deal. They still sell sct’s without fastar systems today.  Its basically an easy removable secondary mirror that leaves a metal frame on your corrector plate to attach a camera with Hyperstar system.

long story short.  This version isnt compatible in this state.   You need this conversion set:



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On 27/01/2023 at 14:33, SteveWolves said:

I am going to help someone sell this, can anyone tell me the model please.? I can not identify the mount, may have better pics tomorrow.

Further to selling it, the mount is probably worthless.  The OTA on the other hand will work as well as a new-ish one, and a potential purchaser would probably want to de-fork it and place the OTA on a modern mount.

As you can see from a post above - £900 for a CPC800 that would be about £2000 new, these SCT outfits do not hold their value well.   I suggest you pitch the selling price at half the price of a new OTA.

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