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  1. Congratulations on not letting your disability get in the way for what you want too do .a fantastic work around using new technology,that 9.25 is a beast ,I have the cpc200 and it's fab . All I wish you is many happy adventures and clear skies ...ps don't put holes in your waterproof cover it may lead to telescope pregnancy 😂😂😂.
  2. The answer would be very big ,,, 😊 ps all I know is that it would still be raining in Scotland ,so little chance off seeing a marble let alone the sun ...pps I jest ..
  3. Hi all ,so after selling my eq5 and dob I realised that I needed another scope to replace it ...meet beast lol , all I need is clear skies and a bit of weight lifting experience
  4. L Ooks like the celestron 8" cpc maybe with starbright XLT depends on the age as they have been going for years and it has the wedge mines is the modern equivalent with GPS. Literally just bought yesterday for £900. With WiFi adaptor and some lenses and an older cc'd camera
  5. Thanks will order that ..seen a cable on fleabay but coming from China .
  6. Cheers yeah have had a look at all my terminals and can't find one ,supposed to be 2.5 mm by 55 so will order one and just replace the celestron end with it
  7. So found this on gumtree bought it as it's in mint condition and was thinking defork and use on an eq but then set up last night had some nice views off the moon and Jupiter so may just leave it on the goto mount .only one problem is trying to find the correct power jack for a portable 12 v charger ,have the usual power tanks but don't have the right jack pinn .any ideas ? I go onto meade site and it's a bit expensive and not in stock .I have 2 power tanks but need lead to connect it too the goto
  8. What do you mean fake ,next you will be telling me there's life on earth 😂😂
  9. Just looked out my window ,never seen Earth look so good from my home in Syrtis Major. 🙂🙂
  10. Hi welcome ,I feel your pain re the weather as I stay near loch Lomond and it's been rubbish , hopefully the weather stabilises..enjoy this forum ,all very nice people and very knowledgeable . ps your moon photo is pretty good for a daytime picture
  11. If I remember correctly,my first view of both Jupiter and Saturn was with a small 3 inch scope ,back in the dark ages ie 1970/1. I was so blown away with what I saw that I looked at the front of telescope as I thought my dad had put a small grey sticker of Saturn on the lense. I then spent many hours just moving the wee scope about ,looking at these small grey "fuzzies" didn't know what I was seeing was the Andromeda galaxy etc .. it's never going to be the Hubble deep space but Tbh I have now spent 50 years looking at the fuzzies .hope your journey continues
  12. Alright thanks for all the support ,managed to get wifi dongle updated ,works well if a little bit flaky and still reverts to the esp WiFi network after about 5 minutes ..if I'm being honest it's probably about the less wires more than anything else as still like too star hop ... So onwards to the next step the bagging of off clouds to allow some star gazing lol
  13. Cheers I have access to a windows laptop so shall try tomorrow when I get home to al LM the help is very appreciated,thanks again
  14. Have tried the power on reset overnight same result ...
  15. Cheers so can I change the software ? Or just send back to Flo looking for a new one ? Don't want too be back and forward with parcels etc .thanks for the input
  16. 3 different phones and iPhone and Windows laptop all show same ESP-CEEA8B WiFi hot point even factory reset on dongle same WiFi
  17. This is another link ,even mentions ,silver foil hat on the dongle ,, https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/758774-synscan-wifi-adapter-firmware/
  18. Hi I do ,the app tries to connect then failed connection ...found this on cloudy nights Oddly, the WiFi adapter was backordered, and when I finally got a unit from a new shipment, it had firmware v1.05 from July 2018 on it (the network was the old "ESP_######" format instead of SynScan_WiFi_####) which is at least TWO firmware versions ago -- v1.06 and v1.07 have since been released (that's why I put "brand new" in quotes). And I can't update the firmware because I'm Mac-based and Synta only has a Windows loader at this time (they promised me that they're currently working on a Mac loader, but they won't give any estimate of a release date). Sky Watcher claims it was a very rare fluke that I got old firmware, so my dealer agreed to take mine back for a new one which hopefully has the latest firmware.
  19. Yeah was still powered for 2 hours then went out so turned it off then came back tried again ,left for the3 hours ..same result
  20. Dongle was down for 3 hours and then 2 hours .thanks anyway will need to keep searching the web lol
  21. I know re the Chanel ,it's set too 1 as have WiFi manager app but can't change it manually as I can't access the WiFi point ,I thought it was because of the WiFi signals were I live but went to a country lane and the Esp WiFi still came up .
  22. Ok thanks ,I get the WiFi networks address but even on my second eq it stills give the ESP-CEEA8B access point .the syscan app even on another 2 android phones and an iPhone and laptop can't connect .I'm sure I read somewhere about solutions but have emailed flo as well
  23. It's the syscan wifi .. not my home network as I had turned that off ,but even ended up in a field to get away from any possible WiFi issues
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