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Color filter that could help viewing c/2022 ?

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I am bringing some people over to the premier viewing with my new telescope. Hoping for the best experience, what colour filter could potentially help with the viewing of the comet that is discussed these days, c/2022

Please help me make it the best experience it can be for everyone 😇

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I have used a Moon & Skyglow (Urban Skies) Neodymium filter to slightly cut light pollution to enable better seeing of comets in the past.  Lumicon made a comet filter that passed the carbon lines associated with many comets.  Since they are just to the right of OIII lines, a UHC or light pollution filter like a CLS or similar might help as well.

As far as color filters, perhaps a light green or blue filter might help.  The problem is, you want a teal or cyan filter that cuts out yellow/orange/red light.  I don't know of a commercial astro teal or cyan filter.  It would sort of be the inverse of an orange filter (which cuts violet/blue/green light, the colors of most comets).

You really won't know until you try each on a particular comet.

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