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NGC 2264, Cone Nebula


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This is a widefield view of NGC2264, the Cone Nebula. It forms the top part of a two panel mosaic I'm working on to try and incorporate the Rosette Nebula too. I need more time on the bottom panel though, only 8 hours so far.

This is 15 hours of data shot in 3min subs through my Samyang 135@f3.4 and my Risingcam IMX571 camera, through the Antlia ALP-T 5nm Dual Narrowband filter.

There's a LOT going on in this area, as you can see in the starless version. I'm very tempted to keep adding to this and see how much more I can bring out? I've left the background fairly light here to show the faint details around the main nebula but it does mean there's a little more noise present in the image too.



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Thank you both. I'm curious as to what that large O3 looking bubble is at the bottom left of the image? Astrobin platesolve hasn't given it any kind of identifier.

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