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Deciding on a planetary camera


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I use a canon 70d for deepsky subjects. However i'm also wanting a planetary camera. I have a budget of about £300

I have 2 scopes a ES102APO triplet and a C8. I use a AVX mount

Does anyone recommend or use the following OSC cameras?



ZWO ASI385, 

Looked at the Astronomy tools and still cant fully decide. Would be grateful for any opinions



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I use the 385 with a skymax and it gives out similar results ish in the calculator to your C8. I'm quite happy with it and without doubling your budget I can't see you bettering it. It looks like it works well with your ES102 too. All the best.

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I dabble in the simplest of ways. I just use the zwo software package and take single shots on solar system stuff. I tweak the picture there and then so its my version of planetary eeva 🤪. You will find if you stick the 385mc on your es102 and use the zwo software, the camera will work surprisingly well on dso eeva. I have moved on slightly and bought a second camera, the asi290mm for dso eeva and much as I will never win any prizes I am quite pleased with the results. All the best.

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4 hours ago, bottletopburly said:

I’d bear in mind if using usb3 you really need pc to be close to mount if using high frame rates within 2m thats what I’ve learnt using a zwo 585mc .

Cheers, will bear this in mind. I've also being reading about WIFI to operate mount etc. But this way down the line. Just figured out where on/off button is 😁

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