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NGC474 from London


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AKA ARP227- this was a stupid target to attempt from here- too low and too faint with all the light pollution (bortle 8/9) Can just about make out some shell structure with extreme stretching which is pleasing even if it is the worst astro image I've captured lol. And the longest!

~5hrs each in 10min subs LLRGBHa (composite L from all subs)



This is without any gradient removal lol


This is what it should look like courtesy of the CFHT telescope in Hawaii- pretty amazing!



oh and i missed this- Hubble imaged the core region just last year:



They think this could resemble the fate of the Milkdromeda collision in a few billion years :) 

Edit: just noticed how incredible this Hubble image is- full of weird and wonderful "objects". They look further away so I guess not influenced by the gravity of NGC474 but there seem to be a few interacting galaxies (?) in weird and wonderful colours just in this tiny patch of sky





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4 hours ago, CCD Imager said:

I applaud you for attempting a difficult object from London! Maybe time to transfer your skills to the country side? An hour or two's drive maybe?


Yes definitely one for darker skies i think! But i am glad I can see at least something ;) I don’t think it’s worth spending more time on it from this location.

I had a go at this target in 2021 using a 1m remote telescope in Chile- this is just 15mins data in each RGB- beautiful filter reflections 🤣



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