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IC 1805 - Heart of the Heart


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I have not had much chance to do anything AP last few months but finally got round to processing some data from February. This was a little proof of concept project - I had been looking at a widefield scope however @vlaiv (thank you for the explanation here - I must say I am pleased with the result and will be exploring this much more over the coming months) explained to me that due to maths I could capture the same amount of data in the same amount of time using my current setup and doing panels binned 2x. So I thought I would give it a go.
As I didn't want to spend ages on something that ended up not working I just did a quick 4 panel but the framing was out however this one panel was worth spending a bit of time processing. The heart of the Heart (IC1805). 15 mins each of SHO on a Starlight Xpress SX674 and TMB Optics 105/650.
Captured with NINA and processed in PixInsight and final tidying in Affinity Photo.
I am pretty pleased all in.


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2 minutes ago, scotty38 said:

I prefer the first one, seems to have a bit more definition to me.

What were the process steps and how did they differ?

I could tell you but that would mean remembering them 🤣.  Predominantly running EZ Denoise on each channel stack before combining the SHO.  Yes, I know what you mean about the structure, I just prefer the colour on the second and whilst it is softer I feel there is more detail in the dust.

I will no doubt try a third and even fourth version at some point...

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