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  1. This seems to be the recommended stuff. Has worked well on mine… https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01186U64Y/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_DFEPCKNBZ9PXN4AHE692?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Can’t say I’ve had any issues with the cable and routed correctly I don’t think it will impact guiding at all - it doesn’t impede mount movement at all. I think it is a good quality, robust cable? I’m quite happy with the cigarette lighter plug also, works perfectly fine Unless it breaks I won’t be changing it…
  3. What a wonderful looking book and as someone who is just looking to get started with Doubles it seems ideal. Field copy ordered
  4. Ooo this looks lovely. May just have to order a copy myself
  5. I don't have so much of an issue imaging what I can see, it is more that most of the Western skies are completely blocked for me so now I can get mobile and I have access to a nice secure field I can set up in not too far away, I want to take the opportunity. Not whilst it is quite so cold though! I will wait until the (hopefully) warmer spring nights
  6. Many thanks all. Last night was a fail as I couldn’t get my mount aligned as my Telrad was dewed up so couldn’t see the target stars for alignment! I’ll stick the TMB back on tonight and give it a go. It may only be 650mm however it’ll happily take a 5mm eyepiece and sometimes even a 2.5 if conditions are right so may have a chance with some at least
  7. OK it's taken me a while but when I first got interest in imaging I knew I'd have to be able to get out in a dark field somewhere as my patio is a) horribly bright and b) view limited. Last night though, even though my lunar imaging was a fail due to missing focus, I did run the entire session entirely on battery and run from the set up's own WiFi network. This is a big big step forward and made last night more than worth it. For reference the complete set up is as follows: Power - 40Ah car battery in a Bison battery box feeding a Pegasus Astro Pocket PowerBox Advance. Control - Beelink Mini PC and GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 travel WiFi hotspot Access - either a laptop or ipad via Windows Remote Desktop Software - NINA, PHD2, ASTAP, Sharpcap Mount - Skywatcher AZ EQ6GT Scopes - TMB 105/650 LSOZ, Meade 10" SCT and SW 150P (f5) All in all I'm delighted with this solution. Sure things like the PPBA are quite pricey but everything is fuss-free and just works. The PPBA also makes powering the whole thing trivial and cabling etc very simple so worth the money. I finally have the confidence I can load up the car, go somewhere nice open and dark, set up and it'll all actually work. For visual obs I have my guidescope fully aligned to my main scope so I can use that to plate solve - works better for me than using a handset and some form of star alignment. Call me lazy but from home I can't learn to star hop etc as I can't see enough stars due to light pollution and I am not about to waste valuable time whilst out somewhere darker Now just waiting for a free night when I can get to my chosen site and give it all a go.
  8. In an effort to try and do a bit of everything, as the Moon was bright last night I decided to give lunar imaging a go. For a first proper attempt I am pleased enough. Equipment; TMB 105/650 LZOS, TV 2x Barlow, Altair Astro GPCAM2 130 Mono. Processed in Autostakkert (best 20% of 3000), DxO PhotoLabs and Affinity. Still need to work on focusing and processing a bit however I never get bored of the moon so happy to keep trying - I'll be back out tonight with my Meade 10" SCT to try and get closer in still
  9. Finally I can get my rig mobile (and speed up setting it up at home). Found this natty 12v battery enclosure - well made and with a cigarette type outlet, 5v usb plug and a pair of terminals a) should you wish to have a 240v inverter say and b) to charge the battery via. Yes you can build similar with a 12v power panel and a suitable box but by the time you've bought all of that then the price is not much different (this box is £59.99). And all the cut outs and installation of the sockets etc is nice and neat. As I now have a PowerBox it is just a single cable from the mount to the battery box so all nice and tidy.
  10. I have been trying to broaden my horizons a bit so I have something to do regardless of moon phase, patchy cloud etc and one thing that has always interested me although I have never given it a go is double stars. So, with tonight's forecast looking good and the moon being almost full imaging is out it seems a good time to start. Can anyone recommend me some nice starters? Anything in the Eastern hemisphere above 25 degree alt and anything high in the Western skies - above 70 degrees alt? Will be observing from 6pm to 9-10pm so not a huge window I appreciate Many thanks all
  11. Well so far this month I have 6 clear nights recorded and have observed or imaged on 5 of them and didn't want to break my neck on the other. I have also done extensive work on setting up things like NINA, testing various wifi configurations, worked on getting PHD2 guiding as well as possible on a further 4 nights. So that is 9 our of 12 nights I have done something. 5 or 6 more than last year in total I think! Tonight is looking good also.
  12. OK there is absolutely no point to this at all however I am stunned by the properties of Kruppax. The ground was icing up, the garden furniture was damper than a damp squib, moisture was literally dripping off the telescope and yet the objective, even without heating, stayed perfectly clear. The stuff really is magic. So I have written a haiku about it Kruppax; phenolic Disregard temperature Refuses to dew
  13. @vlaiv - so tonight I am trying a proof of concept 4 panel mosaic to see how well it works. 1 hour per panel so just 15 mins per channel but 2x binned. So far the data does not look too bad for such short times be we shall see. I messed up the framing a bit but entirely my fault and part of the reason I am running through things to see what steps I need to take. NINA makes generating the sequences very very easy though . I will of course post the result when done...
  14. Having suffered from ulcerative colitis I know just how debilitating a chronic illness can be and how much it can detract from just enjoying life. Good to hear you're getting on top of things and managing to carry on :). Nice image - M33 is a tricky little so and so. I have plans to revisit it this year...
  15. Can we have a new forum rule please. Stop showing your Taks. Only because I am desperately trying to avoid temptation and every time I see one the want becomes just a little stronger...
  16. @Carbon Brush - I fly electric RC planes and helis and lipos don't like the cold any more than LA batteries to be fair. If flying in the winter I leave the motor just idling to get the pack up to temperature before putting it under load. Definitely good for their lifespan That Bison box will take any 12v battery really. At some point I'll get a decent sized LiFe battery but the advantage of LA is you get a lot of amps per £. This disadvantage of course is the weight. As for multiple circuit breakers, that is the beauty of the PPBA. Just a single device plugged into the battery. Makes like so easy I was going to built my own box but by the time I had bought the 12v panel, a suitable box, the wires etc the Bison was only marginally more expensive and looks well built and ready to go.
  17. So here we have my spangly new Geoptik Losmandy dovetail. Works a great and I can now get the DEC balanced I have also requisitioned the shorter one and re-fashioned it as a natty mounting point for my mini PC and PPBA...
  18. I have been mulling this for a while now and finally bit the bullet and bought a Pegasus Astro Pocket PowerBox Advance. This powers the mount, camera, filter wheel, focuser and mini PC and makes wiring very straightforward. I have also just bought one of these Bison BATTERY BOX CARRIER WITH USB CHARGER, LED METER, BREAKER & 12V SOCKET : Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo So, car battery in the Bison, 12v cigarette charger type lead from Bison to PowerBox, PowerBox to everything else. Job jobbed. I have a little wifi travel router thing so can hook into the mini PC to control it via Remote Desktop. So, process will be. At home log into mini PC and using NINA create the imaging sequences I think I'll go for that night and save them. Then, at the field set everything up and then using the iPad, hook into the mini PC and load and run the imaging sequences. I do have full control from the iPad so can change targets etc if necessary however it is a little bit fiddly just due to lack of keyboard and small screen but perfectly manageable. But the more I can do at home the better in the initial set up the better. The Bison will easily hold a 70A battery however mine is only a 40A but even then I'll get a good few hours imaging or observing.
  19. The straight Synscan Pro app is very much available from the Play Store and they will give you the Lat Long in the format you need...
  20. Do you reorientate if you have to rotate the main camera for any reason or do you avoid that at all costs?
  21. You'll be pleased to know it doesn't at all. PHD is just interested in the star and not its orientation
  22. Yes - funny you should say this as it just occurred to me after I posted I could look at a longer dove tail. That said some form of weights would likely be cheaper!. Good quality Losmandy bars are pricey :). It is probably the correct solution though...
  23. Due to the convoluted focusing setup I have on my TMP 105/650 it is very rear heavy and as things stand I cannot get the DEC balanced as I cannot get the scope far enough forward. I do have an ADM saddle mount on the way which will help but are there any solutions for adding some weight around the dew shield say?
  24. Looking lovely. When I started out on this AP lark a couple of years ago I thought it would be the data acquisition that was the time sink but no, the processing is what just eats time and you can just keep going and going with it! You've got a nice balance here
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