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M1 With and without Blur Exterminator


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I thought I'd use Blur Exterminator on linear data, as it was designed, and chose M1 to reprocess, which I had thought came out pretty decently considering my sky.  The first image is the new image reprocessed using Blur Exterminator. The second image is the original.  The last image is a Bin 1 version of the reprocessed image.  I really like Blur Exterminator-much superior to the deconvolution that comes with Pixinsight, no question.  But it does so much more than deconvolve.  It fixes stars that show evidence of tilt, coma, astigmatism, chromatic aberration.  This comes in handy with data from my FSQ 106.  The stars in the C11Edge are so much better.  I am starting to appreciate the C11Edge.  I would have thought it would be the other way around.  It seems I do not know anything anymore.  I am not crazy about the palette.  I used the new photometric color calibration tool.  Maybe the old relativistic color calibration tool would have yielded results more to my liking.  I'll have to check.  

C11Edge with .7x reducer and ASI 1600 about 10.5 HDR composition using hours of RGB subs-60 secs and 10 secs for each filter.  Bib 1 and Bin2

EDIT--I changed the palette of the Bin 1 image a bit and re[laced it.  I like it better






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