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I had marked down the appearance of Iridium 72 tonight, but when I looked out the window it was cloudy. Went outside, though, and decided to hang around, as I could see the Moon through the thin cloud, and Capella (I think) through some small gaps. At the appointed time, I was watching the right part of the sky, and Iridium 72 showed up, bright enough at -7 to shine through the thin cloud. I've seen them do this before, but I had some doubt as to whether it could tonight. I now have 41 on my list, 37 to go.

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Persistance pays WH, How long do you reackon it will take you to catch the rest?

I must start looking for the flares, I have not seen one yet


It will take a few years, I think, as I don't get out for a look all that often. Summer is best because they appear late in the evening, when I'm usually not busy. I am now at the point where I am often seeing Iridiums that I have already seen, although I've seen three new ones this week.

I'm going to throw a party for myself when I complete my first orbital plane! There are six of them, and I have at least three in each plane that I haven't seen yet.

This is a bit like trainspotting.

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