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Small and medium size targets in 90mm refractor


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At the beginning of these year during the tests of TecnoSky 90/540 Owl refractor I have captured several frames with different targets. Actual field of view of this setup (with APSC camera) is 3 by 2 degrees, but I was wondering how the smaller targets will look like in that modest aperture telescope. Then I have prepared a mosaic of them and here it is below. 

Each single frame is about 0.5 degree, and each image is 1-2 hours of total exposure with Baader L filter and QHY268M camera under suburban sky (NELM about 5mag). Mosaic panels are resized down 50% (click to enlarge).


Here is example 1:1 crop on NGC4214:


and example full frame resized down 50% with NGC4088 galaxy and others:


More images from this refractor here https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/394454-tecnosky-owl-90540-first-images/ 

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8 hours ago, Ratlet said:

I love widefield shots of galaxies.  Most times you look at one you keep seeing more and more galaxies.

That is very true - there are so many of them for example in this area next to M101 once you enlarge it:


This is 5 hours of luminance with QHY268M camera and 90mm refractor. 

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