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Milky Way field


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22 minutes ago, newbie alert said:

Nice image, what makes you say it's less than perfect?

Are you shooting wide open, ie f2?

Hi Newbie 

I’m not sure if you are referring to ..

22 hours ago, assouptro said:

I love my (less than perfect) Samyang 135 lens 


Or nmontec’s comment 

On 06/11/2022 at 18:55, nmontec said:

Objective: Bad quality Samyang 135mm f/2

Which my quote above was referring to? 

personally I find the Samyang 135mm lens a wonderfully versatile tool for Astrophotography, it’s fast optics and wide fov are perfect for many DSO but it does require some tweaking especially if using with a bigger sensor.

I can only speak from personal experience

My version is the Canon bayonet version and I find most adapters (m42/48 or m56 in my case) have a “springiness” in them that easily allows the lens or camera to sag, resulting in tilt if not completely aligned and  supported so spoiling the outer regions of the image 

Also it is better to “step down”the f ratio of the lens to prevent weird star shapes, but doing this with the in-built aperture can also lead to “weird star shapes” or diffraction spikes so it can be best to reduce the outer  lens to about 50mm instead or the standard 77mm (I think) with reductive filter ring adapters that may also add a reflective surface for light (from moon etc) to bounce off from the lens causing further issues 

So to sum up, It’s a brilliant lens, but if you are a pixel peeper you will have to fine tune it to get the best from it 

I hope that answers your question, unless you are referring to the original image and in which case I apologise for my hijack?! 😊



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