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  1. I don't know if any of you found the same type of issue: If I use the GUI interface of PS2 with an image it solves correctly, using only 1 region. If I use the command line interface with, apparently, the correct parameters: C:\Program Files\PlateSolve2.28\PlateSolve2.exe 5.70097255754,0.853756892434,0.13296,0.10016,999,C:\tmp\gotoImg.fit,0 after the search in the 4th region it fails with runtime error 6. Mind that it does not happen with all images, only from time to time, i.e. with some images both methods return the plate solution correctly. I don't really know
  2. Hello Han, I'm trying to use this tool by command line but I am having issues with field unit measurement interpretation by the tool. In the command line I put the dimensions in radians and when the GUI starts it correctly translate them in arcminutes. But the GUI reports that is expecting the dimensions in degrees and as result it doesn't solve the field. If I do it manually with the same image, putting the setting to degrees it works like charm. How did you solve this problem? I am using version 2.28 Thanks a lot Nicola
  3. Thanks Paul and Olly!
  4. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!
  5. I processed this image last year, but wasn't satisfied with the result. So I let the raw frames to rest in my hard disk until recently, when I gave them a second try, with much better results. Therefore I decided to show you my latest effort. LBN552, is a molecular cloud in Cepheus, not a really easy target, but once you get a decent sky you can start to dig something out of it (with much non-linear stretching during post-processing, though). Link to technical details and higher resolution image: http://skymonsters.net/immagine.php?img=LBN552.jpg Comments and criticism always welc
  6. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated!
  7. After a while away from astrophotography and image processing, I return to process a new image of mine. As the last time, this is a dark nebula located in the northern part of the constellation Cygnus. This is LDN1003, a dark nebula complex of which you can see a preview below. Technical info and a higher resolution image: http://skymonsters.net/immagine.php?img=LDN1003.jpg
  8. Last and final update. I'm glad to report that I was at last successful. The bright ring was caused by the SXV-AO-LF T-adapter. Putting flocking paper inside this small adapter apparently solved everything!
  9. I used either sky flats or a light box, there is no difference in the pattern. As far as I remember I only get this with the AO, despite SX states that it can't be it... Nicola
  10. Dear All, my imaging train is as follows: GSO RC10Truss+Moonlite Focuser+Adapter+SX-AO-LF+QSI583wsg I am getting a flat field like the one attached. Using this flat field during the calibration of the light frames is useless, the field gets flat around the center but the corners has still some kind of reverse vignetting. Mind that: - I already put flocking paper inside baffle tubes, focuser draw tubes, painted with opaque black the adapter. - I already tried to put a black card in front of the SX-AO tilting glass. - I already tried sky flats None
  11. Thanks a lot for your replies, in the meanwhile I am also evaluating this firm: http://www.uniwersal.eu/eng.php
  12. Dear All, I'm thinking of purchasing a Scopedome 2M system. Is there anyone out there having this configuration as remote setup? I'd like to have your comments on the product. Thanks a lot for any info you have. Nicola
  13. Thank you Barry, there are actually some emission nebula that do not actually require it, but it is not the case of this one
  14. Thank you guys, your positive feedback is much appreciated!
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