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disaster weekend


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Friday night about 9 it claered up, wonderful grabbed the megrez 72 and little photo tripod and got a look at Saturn for the first time this year. So good decided to get the C8 out, got it all set up plugged in and nothing!!!!! said a few choice words

Said a few more choice words when realised I forgot to put the power pack on charge last time I used it, wot a doughnut:mad:

Put power pack on charge all night as Sat was due to be goods as well. Got scope out, plugged in and nothing again!!! Screaming abdabs:angry2: Got other tripod out, older version of same one, plugged in , all came to life:);)

Started alignment and off it went and went and went and went with no stopping:(

After fiddling around with all the settings, no joy. Gave up and retired inside.

Spent a large part of Sunday stripping both mounts down to fine one main board broken. The other one no obvious damage, but unable to find problem. Looks like a component on the board or the handset has gone down.


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I will be getting a new board as soon as one comes in, then at least I can get one up and running.

Will decide what to do about the other one later.

I must admit I did have the hump big time when I came in, couldn't beleive they had both gone down at the same time.

My husband puss footed around me for the rest of the night, didn't want his head bit off!

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