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  1. Having been unable to get the scopes out for he best part of 2 years now and finally getting the chance I'm not a happy bunny with the whizz, pops, bangs and smoke drifting over. (she finds nearest wall to bang head on) Pip
  2. For me my first view of Saturn with an 8" sct was jaw dropping but it's closely following by the blue snowball. Saw that on one very good night, like a blue fuzzie tennis ball right in the middle of my vision. Amazed that the colour was so vibrant, not seen it that good since. Pip
  3. I've added mine first time but it came up with the first part of the post code about 2 miles away so not too close. Where's everyone else in south Hertforshire? It feels very lonely Pip
  4. Solid cloud cover in Herts too!! Not looking to good Pip
  5. Pip

    I'm fed up

    Thanks for the comments and the big group hug. What with all thats gone on the last time I had a look through any scope was June when I was on my hols in Greece. No problem with clear skies there. I'm hoping for some clear nights over Xmas and being able to possibly get into my snow boots in the next couple of weeks. All being well when I'm off work and get a good few hours in. It will depend on the effect of the cold on the foot. I will be ever hopefull:blob1: Pip
  6. Pip

    I'm fed up

    I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms. Not been able to get out with a scope for months what with one thing or another. First is the weather, I think I feel like a wet rag most of the time Secondly I put my back out which meant I couldn't get the gear outside and if I could I couldn't sit/stand for more than 5mins at a time Thirdly I haven't been able to wear anything but an open sandal for the last couple of weeks due to a minor foot op and there's no way I'm going to let that get cold (too painful). I really hope I can get in some shoes/boots soon and my Xmas pressie to myself will be to get a look down a tube PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!! Pip
  7. I found that a balaclava made a big difference to me, I've got a thin one for general cold and a thicker wooly one for ice stations times. Then you can put a wooly hat on top and that really helps your overall warmth. I got both at Maplins Pip
  8. I would have been happy to see a bit of sky at all today!!! It's been persisting all day here Pip
  9. I use a splitter, run the dew heaters/controller and tripod and to date I've not had any problems. I use the Kendrick Digifire 7 with the associated heaters. Hope this helps Pip
  10. I had the same problem but it messed up the thread inside as well ,think I got a bit to brutal with it (brute force and ignorance). I just got a couple of new bolts with T ends and re-tapped the hole. I don't think I paid much for them although I can't remember where they came from, nowhere special. Pip
  11. Pip


    That's a great question, I've no idea what the answer(s) are but It's certainly got me thinking. Pip
  12. Cracking shot, great detail and wonderfully clear Pip
  13. Thanks for the comments. Next time I might remember to put a barlow in
  14. Great buy! I did a similar thing with a old CD carrying case. It's a bit larger and much deeper. I lined it with some packing foam that was going gash at work
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