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Considering buying a AP modified DSLR, have a few options.

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On 08/12/2022 at 17:31, pipnina said:

I looked that model up just now, the only sad thing about most astro cams at affordable price ranges (i.e. below 1k) is the micro-sized sensors 😕 Someone used to an APS-C camera switching to that Atik 460 will have images with only 1/4 the "surface area". So in some ways it seems a bit wasteful, as 75% of the light being collected by the telescope isn't being recorded vs the APS-C DSLR. I can't argue about the quality of images it would produce though in comparison... But the loss of so much light and FOV is bound to make those gains a painful compromise.

To put that, rather brutally, another way: less junk versus more junk.  In a limited time the DSLR will give a wide field of weak signal and high noise. In the same limited time the 460 will give a small field of workable signal and noise.

I have an Atik 460. Would I swap it for a DSLR to get a wider field? The very idea is ridiculous, for me, because I'm trying to produce images that will be taken by magazines and attract customers to my business. I cannot do that with a budget, modded, DSLR in normal optics. (If I had a modded 5D MkIV in a Tak Epsilon I would aspire to images like those of Maurice Toet but that is not on the table, here.)

1 hour ago, alacant said:


We use and recommend DSLRs. True, a few years ago, early models were insensitive and noisy but technology moves rapidly. They are rugged, affordable and above all most have a decent  aps-c sized sensor. A dedicated camera this big is going to cost far more than a DSLR. The images they produce are easy to process and of more than acceptable quality. 

From experience, we do not recommend going used for camera.

Which DSLR?

You don't need a top of the range model as most of the daylight shooting wizardry therein will never be used. Any Eos model with the 18mp sensor works well when astro-modified. We use mainly 700d and 4000d. The 24mp models are also good but we had trouble with the earlier 750d models. AFAICT, all newer and subsequent models are fine.

Anyway, HTH you decide.


Who's 'We?'  Whoever you are, I don't concur with your advice, I'm afraid.


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On 20/10/2022 at 13:24, Trippelforge said:

I am looking at possibly upgrading to a newer DSLR instead of having my current one (500D) modified. I have been looking at these models and curious if there is something worth jumping to middle of the ground. Also are there certain venders people prefer to use?

Thanks for any advice!



ive got a QHY8L ccd camera TEC cooled up for grabs. 400 GBP plus postage if interested?



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Yeah,  either way you can make great images. When a decision is so evenly balanced that you get stuck, eh, trust your judgement: Your most careful evaluation indicates that you are equally likely to be happy either way. Three months later you're much more likely to be saying "I am having so much fun doing this" than "Gee this sucks, wish I'd made the other choice".

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