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EQ6-R Altitude adjustment bolts


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I an sure this topic has been raised in the past but I wonder if there is any recent developments. I refer to the rear altitude bolt on the EQ6-R. Mine has become sloppy and difficult to operate. Not impossible, but now nothing like the bolt adjustment it was when the mount was new! Has any EQ6-R owner had similar issues and managed to find a solution? Thanks - John

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Thanks for the comment. No, my poor description of ‘sloppy’ relates to the lever end of the bolt. I do always try to take some weight off when adjusting the rear bolt but the issue is getting the spring loaded lever to properly mate with the end of the bolt. A pain when you polar align with the AIR,

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Next week i will have a go at making one or two of these (i need one for my neq 6 pro)

I have some small engineering machines it shouldn't be that hard

Don't understand why they haven't made a insert to replace that m10 thread? maybe i will find out when i take mine apart

Just need to find a way of removing the round neq 6 pro cover without damaging it, looks like like it's glued on


Thanks for the link wookie


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