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Not all bad news (LP)


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I went to a meeting regarding a parish plan, development etc. At the end I put my hand up and said I might be a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but in our development plans could we keep in mind our dark skies. Well blow me but a burly bloke next to me leaned over and said "well said", and there was general approbation.

As we were leaving a lady remarked how much she hated floodlights that come on as you pass.

So at least some others are sensitive to LP.

Oh, and I met another astronomer.

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24 minutes ago, Spile said:

I am a parish councillor and I find a need to remind my fellow councillors that security lights are not a be all and end all.

awww but they're such a big help so I can see what I'm doing when I pick the locks... 😉

Nah I don't really do that, well only on my own doors when needed

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