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2nd test drive of L-Enhance filter - Sadr Region

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I couldn't really ask for less promising conditions last night. 98% moonlight, wispy cloud and neighbours having a party with a bonfire. No astro-darkness.

I took 150 x 60sec subs but discarded all but 23 due mainly to cloud.

Canon 600D (modified) and Askar FMA 135. Unguided. iso800.

Darks/flats/offset applied.

A quick stretch in Gimp with no star mask or background extraction etc.

Compared to what I would have usually expected, I am quite astonished how good this filter is.


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That looks like a good start but I have no idea what the target is?  :) .....this is my first attempt at imaging with the l-enhance. 45 x 180 second exposures of IC1396.  Altair 150EDF plus 0.8 reducer and ZWO ASI533MC camera. It took a lot of faffing in Startools to tame the red!



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2 hours ago, jacko61 said:

a lot of faffing in Startools


This looks like a good target for red in NBAccents.

On 15/05/2022 at 12:31, Astro Noodles said:

how good this filter is

It is a nice filter. We find the UHC does a similar job, especially HOO.


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It is the Sadr region and the butterfly nebula, good effort mate!

As you said, about as bad as conditions can get. Imagine the results under a dark and moonless sky :D

So you will improve on it a lot.

Edit: Just spotted the Crescent nebula too, very nice


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  • Astro Noodles changed the title to 2nd test drive of L-Enhance filter - Sadr Region

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