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  1. That's bad. But at least you can't get disappointed when what looks like a clear night turns red as it gets closer.
  2. The universe can be infinite in size without being infinitely old. I don't think it matters much anyway as the expansion of the universe means that the further things are away from us, the faster they are receding, faster than the speed of light at extreme distance. So it will never be possible for us to observe whether the universe is infinite in size or not.
  3. I think that sending James Kirk into space is guaranteed to bring on a full scale alien invasion.
  4. No, but there was a little packet which said 'Do not eat'. I don't know whether it was referring to the packet or the binoculars, but I wasn't very peckish anyway.
  5. It was my birthday recently and I was very pleased to have received these'
  6. If you have more money than sense, and you're one of those people that craves instant gratification, then I'm sure it is the ideal product. Much like their other offerings. I enjoy the process of learning and the results are only satisfying if I have put in the effort to achieve them. I suspect that I'm far from alone. It's an expensive toy, and it will be no better than a £200 Skywatcher Newtonian for learning astronomy with. No effort = no reward.
  7. I think there is car parking at Cheshunt Park. Mind you, it is over 30 years since I lived there so things might have changed. It's quite a large park, mostly open grass so you should be able to get good views without any direct LP. Maybe park in the Golf Club carpark or St Paul's School, or could park on the street near the school,
  8. I'm pretty sure, without even watching it, Ed will have gone for an 8" Dob.
  9. I think a DSLR with a crop sensor would be better for framing the moon through your telescope
  10. If you are successful in acquiring the 8" Dob, I would recommend the book 'Turn Left at Orion'. It is excellent at suggesting targets and really helps in locating them. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/turn-left-at-orion-book.html
  11. I would imagine that he is in the 10 years plus bracket. It is difficult to determine how long it would take a newbie to get similar results because it depends on so many factors. Weather Location Budget Equipment Commitment Affinity for software Changing technology And so on. For most newbies, the best thing is to measure progress against your previous efforts and not to worry too much about what others are doing. What telescope are you hoping to get? I assume that you focus is going to be on astrophotography.
  12. Maybe. In my opinion, Astrobiscuit is very talented. He achieves remarkable results with very unpromising equipment. Please be aware that it is not as easy as he makes it look. Astrobiscuit has a considerable ability with processing software which you don't get to see. Also, I wouldn't chop up telescopes and cameras like he does unless you are very confident you know what you are doing.
  13. I agree that these require a white t-shirt as the colour is slightly blue.
  14. Whether you like it or not, it's how free markets are supposed to function. If there is demand, then someone will provide the supply.
  15. That's some excellent tinkering and DIY you've done there. Thanks for sharing it with us. Welcome to SGL
  16. Sailed across once and rode at anchor for a few days, Don't remember any dark skies, but I do remember a pub. I think it is called The Turk's Head.
  17. So in answer to my original question: How long to get first decent image? Answer - Depends on the weather. I think that with clear nights and some decent budget equipment, the answer would be a few weeks. But not in the UK. I have been working on M31 and have a total of about 5 hours of subs taken in 4 sessions starting on 8th July. I've actually had about 11 hours on this target but had to discard more than half due to out of focus, poorly framed, too much moonlight. With a few more clear night, it wouldn't be much of an issue, but in the UK image capture time can't be wasted like that.
  18. Hi Lem. My route into higher education was through an access course which I did back in about 1990, so it was nice to read your post. Going to university as a mature student, having had to really work hard to get there gave me more of an appreciation of the privilege of a university education. I hope you get as much out of the experience it as I did.
  19. I'm just grateful to see anything at all after the last few weeks.
  20. A double-jointed neck would be useful for polar alignment.
  21. You could get a Raspberry Pi instead of the ASIair and save yourself some money. There are plenty of posts on here about using one for guiding. I have one myself, but like you I need some clear sky to use it.
  22. You will want to get the ASAIR and guide camera/scope at some point but you should be able to get good results with the Star Adventurer. It will need precise polar alignment and balancing. Remember, the longer focal length, the shorter the exposure you will be able to get unguided. As an example, I can get 90 seconds at f5.9 with an iOptron Skyguider Pro.
  23. Hi Rustang. Which star did you use for focusing? It wasn't a double star was it?
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