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Advices for this Eagle Nebula?

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Hi! Since I'm relatively new in imaging, I would like to receive some advices or feedbacks about what could be changed in this SHO Eagle Nebula.
The exposure time is only 1 hour, obtained through Telescope Live with a Planewave CDK24 and imaged with a FLI ProLine PL9000.

I am using only 1 hour exposure as this is only an exercise for me, I'm trying new process and watching new tutorials while doing :)

Here is the workflow I followed:

Linear phase:

-Linear fit (reference Halpha)
-Channel combination (SHO)
-Background neutralization
-Color Calibration
-Multiscale Linear Transform (denoise on 5 layers)
-Histogram Transformation

Non linear phase:

-Luminance extraction
-Range selection on luminance (selected brightest parts)
-Local Histogram Equalization on main image masked with the range selection explained above
-SCNR (amount 0.80)
-Correct magenta star script
-Original luminance used as a mask on main image --> curves transformation (contrast, saturation)

-From 32bit to 16bit
-Curves (more contrast)
-saturation adjustments
-More brightness to stars

What do you think? Any advice you would like to give me, or any error do you see in my workflow or in my "final" image?
Thank you in advance, clear skies to everyone!

Eagle Nebula Ready (minor adjustments required).jpg

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