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Short session with M3


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So first of all I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone here  for the help on picking my new scope as well as Ian and Alex at @FLO

I was quite surprised that I was able to test the set up so soon after receiving the scope and mount yesterday. Upon unboxing I was amazed at the build quality of the scope with the all metal design and the unboxing experience as it came with its own bag.  So far it seems to be worth the money all ready. 

Fast forward to Sunday night and the clouds had started to clear after they where hear all weekend and went to set up my scope nice and easy being able to carry everything with one hand is amazing after the struggles I’ve had with my Dob. I went to align the scope for the first time using the az gti  as I could see Arcturus nice and high in the sky within the process I  had ran into some major difficulties trying to get it aligned with 1 star on SynScan pro app.  For some reason it never seemed to Center the Star and was quite a way off in the end I had to manually make sure that it was Center in the scope and then complete the alignment though still not completely Center. 

I had a short amount of time so I thought I’d stop trying to get it perfect and whilst I was there look for m3 as I quite enjoy clusters. After all the frustration I managed to finally get m3 and it was great to see especially how it was framed in the scope using the Morpheus 14mm eyepiece which gave crisp views and even some bonus satellites .  This made  up for the earlier frustration and can see the potential of this scope and look forward to see more once I can get the alignment sorted out. All in all very pleased with this scope.

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