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  1. So I’ve been away from astronomy after having a serious kneed injury and just being busy with general life. Today it was the first time in ages that I wasn’t doing anything and it was a clear night. I didn’t have any targets in mind but I had just bought a Explorer Scientific 68 degree 24mm from FLO and wanted to try it out. At first I was just moving my dob aimlessly around the sky and just enjoying it and I suddenly came across a big circle of light and it was Saturn! I’d only seen it once before but the views were great with the 24mm I could make out the rings quite clearly and the views w
  2. Hi Baz, that was the problem. I had used that Ariel before and seemed to be ok but used the top of a tree and managed to get it in focus. Thanks for the help.
  3. I’ve loosened it up after I posted and it’s moving up and down now but the Ariel still isn’t in focus. Do you think it needs Collimating? I haven’t used it for a long time.
  4. Hi i decided to take my scope out this morning to see if everything is ok with it as I hadn’t used it for over a year. While I was putting in the eyepiece I realised it wasn’t focusing.I have it lined up with an Ariel ( not near the sun) and when I try to get it to focus it simply won’t move. I have tried loosening the focus screw it works until I put the eyepiece in. Photo below is how I have it set up.
  5. Looking for Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece. Hoping to find one in good condition.
  6. Looking for 24mm Explore Scientific 68° for my 200p dob. In good condition.
  7. Hi I am just wondering if there are any groups based in West Sussex or if there’s any places that hold talks about astronomy. I know star gazers lounge usually holds meet ups but they are unfortunately to far away from me.
  8. Thank you for the link looks helpful will give it a proper read soon.
  9. Thank you for the advice, is there anything I have to do for focusing? Is there a certain point I should focus ? Where I live I have pretty dark skies but there’s a big field behind me which I’ll go to which seems darker!
  10. Hi there i have recently acquired a dslr and looking to take some widefield shots of the night sky however at the moment I do not have a tracking mount. I was wonder if you guys have any tips for me ( such as what iso shutter speed ect to use ) as I’m pretty new to this stuff and not really sure what the limitations are without tracking. I only have a 18-55mm kit lens hoping to add more in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. 250d arrived a few days ago and couldn’t be happier thanks for the help. I know those would be better but it’s going to be a while until I get sa and wanted to learn photography so would be a bit pointless for me. But maybe in the future I’ll look at one.
  12. Hi thank you for the detailed reply it’s much appreciated. I was a bit worried about the a61000 because of the lenses and the date so I was holding back on that one I’m glad you are enjoying the 250d. Is the 1.8g the nifty fifty lens I always hear people talking about?
  13. Hi there i am looking for a dslr and lens for under £500 I am a beginner and haven’t used a dslr before. I was wondering what the best choice is for daytime and astrophotography? I will be just using it on a star adventurer most likely taking widefield shots until I can save up for a small scope to mount on it. I have narrowed down to a couple of choices which are the 5600 , the 250d and the Sony a6000. I was wondering what other options would be the best? For daytime photography it won’t be anything special but want it to still take decent pictures. I’ve tried searching around but I’m st
  14. Thanks for the reply, it’s arriving tomorrow looking forward to using it!
  15. I am thinking about buying a D5300 for daytime use but primarily to use to take widefield shots of Milky Way/ sky and the moon until I can get a small scope. I was wondering if anyone has used this camera and what do they think?nor if there is a better canon equivalent in the price range. Any advice is appreciated.
  16. I wasn’t going to mod it as I was going to use the camera for daytime photography as well. That’s why I was wondering if its worth buying a second hand camera instead and using most of the money on a decent lens? I was Thinking of getting a d3500 but I’m not really sure. Yeah after I typed it I realised it was three types, sorry.
  17. No lenses in mind at the moment. Do you mean for the Astro side of things? Probably widefield shots and probably galaxies/nebulae until I get a scope for the star adventurer
  18. For a while now I’ve been looking at getting myself a decent dslr for Astro photography to use with a star adventurer and normal photography ( wildlife ect) I have a budget of £300-£350 to spend and was wondering what would be the best option. Or if I should go the second hand route and get a better lens’s for the camera. any suggestions/ recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I am looking to buy the 20mm version and I was wondering if anyone’s used these before and how helpful are 52 degree eyepieces? many thanks
  20. Hi, yes think it might of been the 25mm I also had one but can’t remember what it was. I only had those two unfortunately.
  21. Hi no I haven’t looked into them. I will have a look thanks.
  22. I just wasn’t too keen on the eye relief and was experiencing some star trails round the edges of the eyepieces, maybe it was a bad eyepiece? I had the 82 degree versions, 24mm and 18mm.
  23. I was looking at a zoom eyepiece but wasn’t sure if they were worth it as it. Though they would be more convenient
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