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First Solar of 2022....well for quite a few years!


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Hey all,

Managed to get out and catch some rays! decided to make some time being as it was sunny. There was a slight haze, but I think these came out ok whilst I was trying to remember how all the kit works 🙂. These were with the TAL100RS, on the CGEMDX. Quark Cromosphere, ZWO174mm camera. Stacked in AS3, processed in ImPPG and finished in PS5. Might try and do this again at some point!









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3 hours ago, knobby said:


You might want to post this in the solar section of the main forum ? Not many people will see it otherwise ... The cloud Dodgers are ... Very rare 🤣

Yeah...I put them over there as well...but my Priority was of course this page 😉

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