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If I'm honest, with everything costing so much in this hobby this is probably going to answer itself in that I cant afford to do much anyway right now but it will still help my thought process. I brought the SW Star adventurer as something else to run during the limited clear nights, try to get some extra deep sky data of some kind and for the Milkyway season . I have no regrets buying it and still intend on using it but Ive been mostly left with frustration and disappointment. Its simplicity of being just a mount, camera and lens is what I still love but I was a little naive in what I should expect in regards to data.  I've learnt something in that you cant expect to get alot from bortle 6 skies, no filter and an hours or two's worth of data, Ive tried, its not happening. Should I get a LP filter for the Canon 6D to help!? I've gone over and over this and there is the usual talk of do they really make a difference and I just dont know whether or not to bother with the expense of trying, there are limited options for the 6D. The L enhance clip in I used in the 600D did make a difference but I really prefer the natural colours of the sky for wider field.  So at the moment my thoughts are, keep the adventurer, camera and lens set up for darker skies when I can get to them and save for a better lens to also gain better data, I'm starting to really like the wider field views so really wont to try and keep working at it. 

If and when I cant get to darker skies it would be great to still have a use for the adventurer at home and still use my Canon 6d with it so my thoughts lean towards a light scope like the WO red cat, that way I could use a LP filter as i believe you can attach a filter in these and that should help with the light pollution that washes everything out at home. The 250mm FL is as long as I would like to go. My concerns with this are I dont wont to add guiding to this set up, its supposed to stay simple so just the mount, camera and scope. If I was to keep this set up, am I still going to be limited to the point where I'm still not happy with the data, what will effect this is that I'm guessing that I wont be able to exposure for long because of the limitations of the mount and 250mm focal length. Lets say I can go up to 1min exposures, and I've got an LP filter in place, what should I still expect from this? Will it need hours and hours worth of data to really make any kind of a decent image? I guess I'm thinking a little lazy here, I'm after a quick ish result, 3-4 hours worth of data but should I still be looking to shoot a many hours with this set up to get anything or because of the the short exposures and no guiding should I really bother with this idea at all?

I fear I'm  just ignoring my knowledge of this hobby in that you need, data, data, data but not having success for so long but I've certainly been putting the effort in, means I'm craving for results but getting less and less patient with it all.

One other option could be forget colour, stick a ha filter in either the camera and lens set up or camera and scope and just shot ha targets, would that get me much with the short 1 min exposures if its with the scope? i should be able to expose for longer if using a lens though!

Basically I don't wont to spend money on anything if its likely not to work, I would rather wait until I can use my main set up again and concentrate on that then just use the Adventuer, camera and lens in darker skies when possibly. 

Help me save my time and money! :) 

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22 minutes ago, Lee_P said:

How are you using your kit, exactly? Are you sat there clicking the shutter button every few minutes? Or are you using an intervalometer? Or something else?

I use an intervalometer

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