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  1. Great image, lots of good points to talk about. I would definitely recommend taking some 'flats' to help with the gradients, they can be tricky to get right sometimes but once you have managed to, they will help greatly. It could be worth adding a few more darks, also see if some 'bias' frames help, they are very straight forward to take. ISO 1600 seems to have worked ok with the shorter exposures, the noise in the image isant taking over to much. Have a go with iso 800 when you start taking longer exposures and in regards to this, try going up to 2 min subs and see how your mount performers
  2. Thank you, your comment has helped made the long nights worth it
  3. 6 long nights and over 10 hours later, I have my Bi colour Elephant nebula image. This target wasnt in view for me until around 2am so its been a tiring one to capture but I feel its been worth the lack of sleep! The processing colour wise went more towards an SHO Hubble palette rather than a bi colour palette but I really like the result. Ha- 4hrs 20mins, OIII 6hrs 10mins (all 600 sec subs) SW80 ED DS Pro QHY 9 mono with Baader filters. Stacked in DSS, processed in Photoshop.
  4. I found a great processing technique the other day (for photoshop) In short- say your doing a Bi colour process, OIII has gone to the green and blue channel, Ha to red, now go into layers where the Ha and OIII has been combined, over saturate the colours a little, blur this layer until the noise has gone, now bring in the Ha on top as a new layer and turn it into a luminance layer. I have recently started doing this and found it really good. Because you have over saturated the under layer, the colours should show through the Ha lum layer, you have blurred the under layer to remove noise but t
  5. Looking good mate, glad the new camera is going well. I don't know why I was so nervous to change myself, after a couple of issues here and there at the start, it has been running great and fairly straight forward. As you say, there is a big improvement over a DSLR, especially noise, and no horrible banding!
  6. Cheers Paul, yeah it felt like the right move and it definitely was, Adam was really helpful with getting me started with it which I'm really grateful for.
  7. Can someone move this to Deep sky imaging, looks like i put i in the wrong place!
  8. Thanks , yeah the integration time is really helping, I'm also always picking up new processing techniques and I'm back to dithering again now I'm settled with the guiding, its all helping. I'm not really a fan of the red and blue look and also prefer the golden palette which didnt take much forcing in the processing to be honest.
  9. Some say Nebula's are easy targets, I guess they are to a point but Ive worked hard to get this so far. I made the most of the last two clear nights imaging from 9pm until 5am working on two different projects. Ha 4hrs 30mins and 4hrs 50mins of OIII. The OIII is very weak and could with double the integration time but I'm still pleased with the result. SW80 ED DS Pro scope, SW HEQ5 Pro mount QHY-9 mono CCD with Baader narrowband filters Stacked in DSS, processed in Photoshop. Ive worked none stop with the new camera since purchasing it from Adam, and I'm still learning
  10. I thought I would come back for another look...... yeah its still really nice!
  11. Thanks Adam, I have been slogging away since having it, burnt myself out with some long nights if I'm honest but who needs sleep!
  12. I have been capturing this over a few nights recently, half the Ha was during a full moon and its pretty low in the sky and situated in an area with the most light pollution for me but it seems to have turned out ok. 7hrs total Ha, 20mins each RGB channel. Processed in PS.
  13. We learn something new every day!
  14. While I often see the very quick dash of a meteorite, I saw my second best tonight! It lasted about 3-4 seconds was really clear and bright with a nice little tail. A very nice little meteriote. Unfortunately my best view will take some beating, I was up in Kendal years ago and me, my brother and my Dad watched a big fire ball, it was actually burning orange, with a long tail, two little ones trailing behind, it came from in the distance, flew over my brothers house and off into the distance again, we all stood there draw dropped as it came over head. One amazing experience and knocked the soc
  15. Could you put this in less of a 'this has gone way over my head' kind of way!?
  16. So i had a play around this morning in DSS and I think I have found the issue! I would definitely say I have noisy subs anyway, moon and integration time play a part in this mostly but after playing around with different stacking settings I have found what made my first stack less noisy than my second and also realised that both were the same integration time not one with more than the other (long story!) Anyway, what made the difference was the 'Light' stacking setting, when changed from Kappa-sigma-clipping to Median is produces less noise in the stack but at the sacrifice of some details, p
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