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Crater Diophantus and Delisle

Mike JW

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What brought me to this area was I noted the Lunar 200 list - L198 (Crater Louise and Rima Diophantus). I was unable to observe either, despite x 300+ mag and a 15" scope to enable fine detail to be picked up.

At the top is Diophantus (tiny Diophantus C just above it). This crater is about 11km diameter and seems to lack a central peak. Just below it in the lighter region is where crater Louise should be at the top of a raised area. Interestingly the lighter region appears to be part of a ray of lighter material. I tracked it back to Aristarchus.? Diophnatus B is the lonely 6km diameter crater off to the left. Delisle is about 15km diameter and had a noticeably rough southern slope (up in my sketch). It also lacked a central peak. The mountain range near by is Mons Delisle (badly sketched - never have cracked sketching mountains). The mountain shadows revealed 4 major peaks in descending order. At the southern end there were definite hints of rough terrain.

(Sketch outline made at the eyepiece, then redrawn back indoors)



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Thats an excellent sketch Mike. I find the Moon to be the hardest of all astronomical targets to sketch, so thanks for fanning the flame. I need to sharpen my pencils as the night's get milder and the Moon gets higher over the spring months. :happy11:

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