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Grab-n-go portability of parallelogram mounts?

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I've always considered my binos to be the ultimate grab-n-go kit - pick them up, step outside, and I'm observing.

Recently I bought a pair of IF 15x70s.  I like the size / FOV, but they're not optimal for handheld observing due to weight, so I normally use a lightweight tripod and fluid mount. 

I have some limited mobility when looking above 60 degrees so I'm considering a p-gram mount, but I wonder about the "grab-n-go-ability" of them.  If I have to drag a bunch of kit outside, I might as well pull out a g-n-g refractor.  Observing while reclining sort of works now, but it's not that steady when tilting my tripod back and the tripod legs have a tendency to slip.

Thoughts / experiences / suggestions?  Thanks!


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I use my 16x70 IF on a monopod and trigger-grip head. I got a spike foot for it (has a screw-down plastic foot for when the spike is inappropriate). The monopod doesn't have to be vertical - or even nearly vertical - for it to work. When I observe reclining, I just  have it down the side of the recliner. I've had this setup for more than a decade in one form or another, and I have no incentive to change it.

However, if you're set on a parallelogram, the Paragon (cheapest commercial one) is quite restricted in that you can only look back over the tripod. I'm currently evaluating/experimenting with a Neewer camera crane, which comes packed in a bag, so might meet your portability requirement. Still figuring out the best way to get it to work with heavier binos (eg 20x80), but expect to have a preliminary report by the end of the month:

 But I'll stick with the monopod for portability. 🙂

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I use some heavy 10x50 using the monopod method above. Would work fine for the 15x70 I have too. I have a bracket to provide a bit of extra height and to keep the binocular centre of gravity over the monopod… but these are extras. A decent parallelogram takes up space and is heavier.


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I’ve just had a look for the Neewer camera crane, on Amazon for £95 but you need to supply the tripod. It looks good, can take 8 kg, I’m assuming that includes the counter weight, and has a good length away from the tripod.

As I have 20x80 I’m also considering this.


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