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Help in finding the JWST

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Despite the jet stream's best efforts I have managed to capture about 45 mins  of subs tonight in an attempt to capture the JWST. I have estimated I'm looking for a trail of about 50 pixels long in an image of 26 million. 

I presume when stacking in APP I need to disable all of the clever sigma clipping routines which eliminate satellite trails as this will bin my JWST trail also?

Any tips on what I should be disabling etc, would be much appreciated.

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Thanks Steve,

I was trying all last night to locate it on my subs, no tiny trailed object in the stack, I then moved onto the blink tool in Pixinsight. For some reason PI wouldn’t platesolve any of my subs or the one you posted, but Astrometry was successful, so I’m pretty sure I’m looking in the right place.

I will try and make a Gif today and post it so folks can have a go at trying to find the JWST.

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